How To Help A Teething Baby Sleep

How To Help A Teething Baby Sleep

What all these families have in common is a sense of certainty. The parents believe in what they are doing, and in their babys ability to fit in with it. It seems that babies who feel a sense of their parents certainty sleep well.

Every time a new baby is born he brings with him an infinite range of possible relationships. For both of you it is a time of enormous change, and some of the changes may seem awkward and not you. But by listening to your baby as well as to your inner voice, it is possible to smooth out most conflicts and to become confident of your ability to deal with any problems.

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Listening to Your Baby

Take some time to get to know your baby and yourself. Do whatever feels right – gaze into your babys eyes, massage his tiny body (more about this in Chapter 8), sing songs, tickle, talk about life, the washing up and the cat, but especially listen and respond to what your baby has to say. Once you and your baby know each other well he can feel how much you love him, and he will be quicker to respond to you. And you can relax, because you know that, whatever happens, he can cope and that you will be there to support him while he does.

I really dont think I was in tune with Laura as a baby. I dont remember knowing when she wanted feeding, when she wanted sleep. I think I relied on mum more for interpreting her cries. It got worse as I got more fatigued. I had a honeymoon period between three and five months, but then I got postnatal depression.

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