HOW TO Infinity Braid On Short Hair Tutorial

Guess what Umbach with the new short hairstyle with my brand new short hairstyle are you guys I’m back with this new hairstyle right here that, I have gone on my head, I hope you guys will like it keep on reading by the way it’s an infinity braid and your mark get set go I’m gonna try to get the gold medal for this hairstyle since it is the Summer Olympics going on right now.

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So basically a tribute for that. So here’s a quick preparation tip before you braid your hair, I don’t personally like to braid when, I just wash my hair. Because it’s too clean it’s too smooth, and it’s too silky and for braiding you want that kind of texture and grit. So the braid has shape and it stays put there are many great texturizing products to give to your hair basically dry texturizing spray dry shampoos and then one of my favorites to do. If I’m not gonna put any heat on my hair is wash my hair let it air dry and then apply this product in between my hair to give a little bit more texture and grit this is the bumble and bumble brilliant it’s like this white paste and, I just kind of put it in my fingers and, I just kind of spread it out between my hairs and it gives it that perfect texture that I’m looking for. So I’m going to grab my two pointer fingers and start like at the temples and then I’m just going to meet them like in the middle. So basically you want to grab a section first to begin the braid just kind of put it down make sure it’s sort of even looks pretty good and I’m going to brush it back make sure there’s no knots split it into three sections one two three now you can do your first initial braid.

So it’s going to be kind of like the French braid where the outer pieces overlap the middle portion. So take this piece right here put it over the middle portion like this took this other section put it over the middle just like that before, I go any further you need a clip for this hairstyle that’s a really big plus that will help you it’s a grab it clip. So let me continue. So once you have the initial braid without adding your hair I’m going to take this section right here at the outer section I’m going to bring it to the front and just clip it away I’m going to go again and I’m going to grab some hair behind this section right here going from the front of my head to them to the middle portion of the braid make sure just going to smooth it down I’m going to take this piece and I’m going to overlap it the middle. So once that section is overlap the middle and this section is brought over to the side I’m going to unclip this section I’m going to bring it to the side as well making it into one big section let me show you that again going to the other side just like a regular braid bring it over the middle and this new side section we’re going to bring it to the front take the clip and pin it away. So you don’t touch it this is where we’re going to start adding hair going from the front and to the middle we’re going to take this new section and bring it over the middle and pin this section and add it to the side. So you guys see what’s going on going to the other side without adding hair or taking it apart bring it over the middle and bring this section over and pin it away now adding hair on the back of that section just make sure it’s nice and neat over the middle before go over to the other side and pin it and add it back to the side section even on this braid requires a little bit more extra time and effort the overall result is.

So beautiful, and it’s they just continue doing this once you have no more hair left. Because my hair is. So short and, I have a lot of short layers I’m gonna stop braiding right here just tie it off with a clear elastic you can keep going. If your hair is longer and just do it until you have no more hair left like, I said in the beginning. But just. Because, I don’t want my braid to be falling apart on the very bottom I’m just going to tie it off right here take the rest of the hair now I’m just gonna pin it back into a low ponytail and. If you don’t like the whole ponytail idea in the back just keep it halfway up like this just tie off the braid and you’re good to go which option do you guys like better this one or the full ponytail in the back, I already went to the top and loosened it a little bit to give it a little bit more volume.

But be very gentle and, I just like to loosen the very ends not the middle portions just kind of loosen them very gently to give it a little bit more volume and, I also pulled some hairs to the front that we’re pulling it away from the braid. Because too short it also helps frame the face a little bit better and there you guys have it this is my take of that infinity braid on short hair, I know it is a little bit more difficult. But I hope you guys have a great success in it it’s definitely possible like this, and it’s definitely great for like an everyday hairstyle just do something a little bit different and that the normal French braid hungry thank you so much respite sometime with me, I hope you guys like this a hairstyle what do you think do you think it deserves a gold medal or silver or bronze which one let me know the comment section below I’ll take either one. But for now I’ll say my goodbyes and I’ll see you guys in a very soon post, I love you all very much.

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