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You make me feel like a minute T Nate stream the way you turn me on, I can’t sleep let’s run away and don’t ever look back don’t ever look back hi everyone it’s me here and today’s hair tutorial is inspired by Katy Perry’s beautiful sexy ways like this and, I personally love wearing my hair like this when, I write do, I get tons of compliments and it’s super super easy and just stay tuned to see how we do.

So ever since, I changed my hair color to dark. I’ve been getting a lot of comments on how, I look like Katy Perry especially when, I wear my hair kind of wavy curly. So that’s exactly what I’m going to show you guys how to achieve today it’s super super easy what we’re gonna need today is a curler this is a 1 inch Enzo Milano curler that, I got a beauty choice calm swear by enzyme Elana curlers they’re the best and the reason, I like them.

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So much is because the waves or curls whatever, I barely have depending on the size you’re gonna get different curls or ways the curl stays throughout the day like for me it stays for like two days if your hair is naturally super straight it will doubly straight the stay through the day I’m not sure if it’s gonna be more than a day but definitely through the day then I’d you know what for whatever occasion you’re getting your hair done you know. So yeah this is the curl I’ll be using today one-inch ends of Milano we’re also gonna need just a hair brush hair spray I’m using Elnett L’Oreal and a heat protectant, I will ready sprayed my hair with heat protectant but um because, I like it to dry before, I do my hair. So you spread your weight and then it or two before you actually do your hair but use a heat protectant unless you want split ends please please please use a heat protectant and I’m just using em using a jhd but, I really like Tresemme.

So, I usually alternate either, I use this one or, I use my Tresemme we’ll say let’s begin and what we’re going to do is just brush the hair and as you guys can tell probably, I am not wearing my hair extensions today I’m just wearing my thin hair my natural thin here which is fine because Katy Perry is natural hair is very similar to mine it’s a little long great thing just a tad longer but um it’s very similar in hair color and texture. So yeah once you’re done brushing the hair you wanna just section it just section the hair and start curling, I don’t like to take small sections because the bigger the section the bigger is the wave again it’s all up to what kind of look you want to achieve but today I’m doing the waves inspired by Katy Perry. So I’m gonna take like about a one-inch section like it section like this which is good enough and then you just take the curler and you curl upwards and then you hold it probably for like eight seconds eight nine seconds and then you let go and you get a nice cute wave like this yeah just five eight seconds as all we need and that’s another reason, I love this curler is because it takes you like 10-15 minutes depending on how long you here is to do your hair and that’s a big time-saver alright.

So the side of my head is done and you can see how pretty the waves are love it and we’re gonna do the same exact same thing on this side now again just section the hair into 1 inch and don’t hold it longer than 8 seconds you really don’t need to brush through and curl it upwards just like that. So now that you’re done waving all the hair you want to just spray the hair with a good hair spray and, I love using Almont L’Oreal because it definitely holds the waves but it doesn’t get sticky or anything and you can just brush it out after. So yeah I’m just gonna spray some element hair spray – extra hold spray and then you want to just run your fingers through the hair just to open up the waves and make them look more natural and that’s int you’ve got the Katy Perry inspired waves they look fabulous and are perfect for everyday work school or going out of and right if you’re going out on a date or if you go out clubbing dancing with the girls this is definitely I’m a perfect hair to support is true the way to me I.

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