How to look good in a photo

How to look good in a picture: tips from two photographers. Golonka, who has taken this picture of Troy Word, who is on a set taking a picture.

Dennis Golonka: It really makes a difference if a woman gets her makeup done or if she focuses on it herself, especially around the eyes. The other basic thing is to feel comfortable with the person taking your picture. If you don’t like him or her, it will show. You won’t like his or her pictures, either.

Troy Word: Forget about the camera and try to relate to the person behind it. Have a conversation, communicate. I know that sounds easy, and it’s nearly impossible. I often find that when a model steps off the set to get a cup of coffee, she looks the most beautiful and real. The camera tightens everyone up even the professionals. That also explains why some of the most flattering pictures of people are usually taken by their closest friends and family these are the photographers who capture you at your most natural.

Flash Photography

Electric flashes have the effect of intensifying the pink of foundations and face powder in pictures, which is the reason I started using yellow-based products. Thus the tone and undertones of your foundation and powder are crucial. Use yellow-toned foundations and face powders. Women wrongly assume translucent powder is invisible it’s not. It can drain the color from the face and look masklike in flash prints. Translucent powder is the number-one reason women look bad in photos!

Paparazzi Pretty

It’s hard to look your best in candid flash photos, but warm tones of powder and foundation help prevent the washed-out flash look.

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