How To Lose Weight By Eating Celery

How to Lose Weight by Eating CELERY

Celery has a long history of therapeutic benefits, and with more research, the benefits increase. In ancient Rome, celery was used to offset a possible hangover. The Greeks found it beneficial for conditions of gall stones, liver problems and constipation. During the 17th century, Italian gardeners converted celery from a very bitter food plant to a variety which is now mass produced, blanched by covering the stems to further decrease the bitterness.

The two main active ingredients in celery that provide the unique taste and smell are sedanolide and 3-n-butylphthalide and they are responsible for the anti-tumour qualities and cholesterol lowering properties of celery.

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In addition, pthalides have the power to relax the muscles that line the blood vessels and thereby can decrease blood pressure. Pthalides lower the production of the hormones catecholamines, decreasing nervous stress.

Celery is also a very good source of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene (324mg) and the relatively unknown lutein and zeaxanthin (340mcg), members of the carotenoid family. This combination gives celery the status of being a good food for the eyes, as they are naturally present in the human eye to protect against phototoxic blue light and ultra violet radiation. Both these carotenoids are the only ones found in the lens of the eyes and they also protect against age-related increases in lens density and cataract formation. Its nearly common knowledge now that celery is the richest vegetable source of organic sodium (96mg-126mg) and the main benefit is that organic sodium keeps calcium soluble within the bloodstream and body cells. In fact, every cell in the body is covered by a solution of saline water. Commercial salt is not completely water soluble; celery sodium is totally soluble. Refined foods, white bread in particular, contain inorganic calcium elements that can accumulate, over years, leading to arthritis or the depositing of calcium around bones and moveable body joints.

Celery has the power to re-balance the problem, and catch it in time, before you get stuck. Celery promotes normal blood pressure, prevents hardened arteries and oedema, and can naturally thin the blood, before that blood clot develops.

Celery also provides protection from cancer due to the ingredient acetylenic, which has been shown to stop the growth of cancer cells. In addition, the phenolic acids contained in celery block the action of the prostaglandin hormones which encourage the growth of cancerous tumours. Celery reduces the inflammatory prostaglandins that contribute to the pain of arthritis and rheumatism Celery is a diuretic. Celery promotes virility.

Celery eaten raw, or for maximum benefits consumed as fresh juice, is abundant in benefits. Especially during those hot summer days, celery juice will replace the lost sodium salts, protecting against cramps. Celery soup in winter can provide many of the above benefits as the nutrients in celery are mainly not heat sensitive.

Celery is a good food for diabetics as it stimulates the pancreas glands to produce insulin and carbohydrate digestion.

Celery is the weight watchers dream food, with only 17 calories per 100g. Eat a whole bunch and fill up but not out!

Celery provides excellent amounts of chlorine (1780mg), sulphur (650mg), silicon (430mg) and bromine (17mg). Celery is tops in human nutrition.

NOTE: All amounts in this blog are measured in milligrams (mg) per 100 grams, unless stated otherwise.

CALORIES – total: 15 kcal. Per 100 grams Calories from: Carb: 12 Protein: 2 Fat: 1

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