How to Lose Weight on FISH Diet

How to Lose Weight on FISH Diet

For thousands of years fish have been eaten by humans. In the early stages, primitive hooks and nets were used to catch fish and that tradition continues in some parts of the world today.

Freshly caught and then fire-baked fish is well worth the effort of a few hours fishing. Ask any fisherman about the taste of fresh fish compared to canned fish, battered fish or defrosted fish and discover for yourself the benefits of fresh fish, at least once a week. Fresh fish, kept on ice, is fish that has been caught less than one day ago.


Fish is an excellent source of complete protein; on average the protein content is 24%. The NPU of fish is 80%, whereas meat is only 67% useable protein. Therefore, fish is considered a higher quality protein than meat and most other foods.

The chart below shows the individual amino acid values for a variety of fish compared to other foods. Most common fish supply similar protein. Sardines have a lower NPU of 69%. Tuna is the best supplier of protein with a combination NPU of 80% and 28% complete protein. Refer to Chart 4 for details.

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The chart below provides the daily amino acid requirements for children, females and males. These figures are provided to compare the daily protein required with the supply obtained from fish and other foods. A 100g serve is equivalent to the weight of 2 medium eggs (approx.). Children need more protein than adults, and for some amino acids more than twice the protein is required for children over 35kg. To calculate your daily protein requirements for a specific weight, refer to the protein chart and compare it to the amounts supplied below. Fish is the ideal food at least twice a week for growing children; it provides compact protein and their stomach fills quickly! A 140g serve of fish (or 120g of tuna) will supply the total daily protein for a child of 35kg. For beef it would be approx.a 180g serve.

Adults, male and female, require approx.180g of fish (or 140g of tuna) to supply their total daily protein requirements in one meal. For beef, approx.220g are required. For adults, fish is recommended twice a week, and whenever the choice between meat or fish is available, catch the fish protein and other benefits.

For absolutely amazing protein, try fish crumbed with wheat germ, 2 ground Brazil nuts and a whipped egg mix.

Fish is the complete protein dish.

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