How to losing weight for your honeymoon


When it comes to losing weight for your honeymoon, weight loss expert Steve Miller is an advocate of tough love, so if you want to shed those surplus pounds, read on…

You want to look your absolute best on your honeymoon when you reveal your beach-ready body – but losing those excess pounds can be daunting. Whilst it may be tempting to try crash diets or cleanses, weight loss expert Steve Miller strongly advises against them.

He believes that the key to shedding excess weight is all about positive mind-set and eating in moderation. Steve uses â˜fat shaming’ as part of his approach to achieving the body you have always wanted.

Here are his top tips for getting into that itsy bitsy bikini and feeling confident on the most important holiday of your life.

1. Ditch diets and live 80-20

Once you have set the date for your wedding and honeymoon, don’t start restricting your food intake altogether. Most dieters make the mistake of saying they’re going to â˜cut out the carbs’ or have a â˜detox’. Instead, balance your diet by eating healthily eighty per cent of the time and a little of what you fancy twenty per cent of the time to ensure you don’t deny yourself.

2. Carry a mirror

Following the 80-20 rule means it is really important to watch your portion size. Just carry a mirror everywhere you go to ensure you remind yourself of how you look and this will automatically motivate you to eat less.

3. Picture yourself on honeymoon

Most girls dream of getting married and having a dream honeymoon, so use these fantasies now to motivate yourself to look at your very best. Allow your mind to bathe in the glory of your honeymoon, visualizing how your beloved will admire your amazing new beach body.

4. De-stress

Planning your wedding can put you under a lot of stress and you may find yourself wanting to comfort eat, so if you find yourself reaching into the biscuit tin after a stressful day, stop! Take a minute to breath slowly and find a different way to de-stress. Exercise or reading are great ways

of relaxing. Even lighting a scented candle can give you the warm feeling your body is craving.

5. Think about the photos

These are the first photos of you on holiday as husband and wife, so let the thought of looking slim in your honeymoon album heighten your motivation every single day. Keep reminding yourself about how beautiful you will look in your bikini as the fat melts and your slim new figure is on display as you stroll along the beach with your new husband.

6. Don’t over indulge

By all means use the 80-20 scheme but wedding planning can be surprisingly calorific. From fattening cocktails at your hen do to sampling the cake; there will be lots of temptations! So switch your drink to a slimline gin and tonic and ask the groom to try the cake. You can treat yourself to slice on your Big Day.

7. Carry a warning sign

Make yourself a warning card that reads â˜If you are fat THINK before eating’. Take a look at it before you eat to help you control how much you eat. Signs around the house will help too. The truth hurts, but let it motivate you to stay on the weight loss wagon.

8. Get a bikini a size smaller

What better motivation than to slim yourself down to size you want to be! Try it on regularly so you can watch your progress as you slim down.

9. Learn self hypnosis

Consider consulting a clinical hypnotherapist and ask them to teach you self-hypnosis. It’s a tool that can help program your mind to eat less and eat healthier.

10. Plan everything for a slimmer you

Plan all the things you will be doing at the wedding as you weigh less -like walking tall up the aisle, posing confidently for the photos and dancing your pants off on the evening. Then imagine the looks of approval from your hubby as you squeeze comfortably into a strappy sundress and look sensational in your swimwear.

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