How To Make A Baby Go To Sleep Fast

How To Make A Baby Go To Sleep Fast

Charlotte, mother of four

If all else fails, your doctor may prescribe your child a drug called desmopressin to help control the problem.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your child doesnt want to sleep when you want him to. It happens. But if you have tried everything, maybe now is a good time to just accept it. Acceptance wont make the problem disappear but it may make it easier to bear. One parents problem is anothers good night. Heres what other parents have found.

The biggest problem comes when you try to fight them – you cant fight the fundamental pattern.

Cathy, mother of two

If I ever have a dilemma about how to deal with a parenting problem I ask myself what I would do if I hadnt read any blogs or heard any one elses opinions. I think there is a huge learning curve in parenting but with each extra child you have, the more your experience can help you do better. I think each family has to work it out for themselves.

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Dawn, mother of three

We tried leaving him to cry, it never worked, giving him drugs, that didnt work, taking turns, putting him in our bed, watching videos, driving round in the car, laying with him while he went to sleep and musical beds but only sleeping with him worked – he just wanted company. Children grow out of it eventually. Accept them for what they are – only little. We cannot control everything in our lives but we can adapt to sleep disturbances.

Diana, mother of three

Id say to other parents that it will happen, eventually. Jennifer was six when she finally slept a night in her own bed for the first time. If you cant stomach behaviour management methods, just wait patiently, keep your sense of humour and keep trying. At seven years Jennifer is our most confident/sociable/outward going/peer group loving child. Afer not being separated from us without a HUGE FUSS for six long years she finally severed the cord and FLEW. I like to think (and this makes it all worth while) that if wed sleep cliniced/drugged or otherwise forced her to separate from us before she was ready, it would have made a detrimental difference to her development.

Ann, mother of four

When you have a baby you just accept that they wake in the night and deal with it, knowing it doesnt last forever.

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