How to Make a Topsy Tail Tool Hairstyles

Hey everyone. So another frequent question that we get is where you find the Topsy Tail tool I use in my girls’ hair all the time. So just so you know, you can find this one and the one I got came in a two-pack, so I had a big one and a small one on Amazon or eBay. Those are the best places to find it. They’re usually around US. So that’s a good place. If you don’t want to buy a Topsy tool, you can make homemade ones. We’ve made this one out of just a hanger. And I’m going to have my husband demo how to do that.

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OK. So all you need is just a this is just a hanger from a dry cleaner’s, a pair of wire cutters. This is for the dads or husbands. You just need a pair of wire cutters and some electrical tape. So all I do, is I just remove this cardboard portion on the bottom. And then I just grab the hanger like here like a bow and arrow. I’m just going to bend it back just like that, and try and straighten these ends out here a little bit, about like that. Let’s see. I think I came down about inches, looks like about inches. And then I would grab my wire cutters, and I would just cut right there. So now I have them bent and cut. When I was a kid playing baseball, or if you played hockey, this is something you’ll be familiar with. I just take the electrical tape find my end here. All right. And I just go to the bottom, just a little bit past the bottom.

And I’ll tape hang on. I’ve got to bend that back just a tiny bit so that it will lay flat. There we go. A lot of times as a kid I would do this to my baseball bat to improve my grip. So you set the tape on there, and you start winding it up the wire as tight as you can. See? Just taking a tight wind. This is going to be the bottom of the Topsy Tail. Go a little bit higher than that. Now, because this is a hanger wire, it’s only going to be good probably on your big ponytails. OK, I’m going to stop there. I’m just going to wind it a few times just to get a nice grip there. And then I can just rip it off. Twist it on. So there’s the Topsy Tail. My wife maybe now will be able to show you that it’ll work. OK. Come on in. We’re just going to demo that this Topsy Tail will work just as well as anything else. So we’ve already done our ponytail. We’re just going to slide this down through the middle of the hair. Take the hair, pull that part just a little bit. Pull it through the hoop and give the hoop a tug. And there you go same flip that you would have had before. There you go.

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