How To Make Baby Sleep At Night

How To Make Baby Sleep At Night

Your Feelings for your Baby

Sometimes the strength of your feelings can shock you. Kim, mother of three-year-old Rowan, who still wakes frequently at night, says:

This sleep problem has brought out the worst in me at times – I admit to having hated my daughter. I get frustrated because I have really tried to solve this problem You love your children so much and you give so much of yourself to them that it becomes painful to see them as little horrors.’

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Parents whose children do not settle themselves back to sleep at night can suffer from the double whammy of sleep loss and feelings of failure. Not only does the sleep loss affect your ability to do everyday tasks, but it can also leave you questioning your abilities as a parent. You can end up feeling stressed and lacking in self-confidence (Wolson et al., 1992).

Laura didn’t go through the night until she was ten months, and that was just a one-off. It was absolutely exhausting. I ended up with postnatal depression. I was like a zombie, but I don’t think that that was the depression, I think it was just that I couldn’t sleep. ’

Sally, mother of Laura and Annie

All my friend’s babies slept 1 2 hours and I felt a real failure.’

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