HOW TO Milkmaid Braid Short Hair

Hi everybody, Welcome back it’s Lana here and today is going to be another short hairstyle tutorial for my girls out there with short hair, and it’s probably one of my most requested looks probably one of my favorite ones let’s get started all you need is a crocodile pin take one side of your hair and pin it back and that’s it you’re welcome, I joke, I joke.

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But seriously you do need a hair pin for this hair tutorial now let’s begin with an actual hairstyle for this style you want your hair to have some kind of texture or grit. So it’s perfect for that second or third day hair in between showers. If you don’t have enough texture just take some dry shampoo and I’m using the Oscar blondie dry shampoo next you’ll want to section your hair in the middle. Because you want to have equal sections of hair for this style just like that and then just make sure you take it all the way in the back as well take one section of the hair and pin it away. So let’s start braiding our hair first you want to take your middle, I think you want to take your index finger slide your index finger about like inch away from the middle part and just grab a small section of hair you just lost a nice big section to start off your braid. So just like a regular braid split it into three sections 1 2 3 they don’t have to be equal and this is where we’re going to start the Dutch braid process take the first section by the face and we’re going to tuck it underneath in the middle section bring that over without adding any hair take the other section cross it underneath bring that over and then we’re going to just one more time tuck it underneath tie in it and then this is we’re going to start adding the hair start from the front of your face add it to the middle section tighten it underneath tighten it and adding more hair to the middle section you always only add hair to the middle section and you want to do this braid tighter rather than loose. Because we’re going to go back in and we’re going to loosen it and make it bigger and more texturized at the end once you get to the very bottom just tie off your hair as close as possible to the end.

But leaving a little bit of room. So we can expand our braids just like that just to look an inch or. So all right. So let’s do this side and we’re gonna do exactly the same braid is just on the other side. So I’m gonna quickly fast-forward through this part does this remind you of anybody, I give you a hint it’s a little redheaded girl this looks. So funny ha ha ha. So right Pippi Longstocking alright.

So let’s actually start pulling apart the braid once your braid is more full and texturized you can actually keep the hairstyle like this, I sometimes do. But. If you want that more kind of halo effect braid you’re just going to take one side of the braid as a matter which and this is where you need some bobby pins. So basically you take the one side you cross over to the back take the other side of the braid cross over on top of the braid that we just pinned down and just start pinning the braids together alright. So just to make this a little bit more fuller we’re gonna take these hairs on the back and just very gently pick them up and just hold the braid down when you do this and don’t tug too hard. So there you have it this is my take on that halo style effect braid for short hair this is definitely my number one favorite hairstyle to per to the gym. Because my hair is out of the face it is really cute simple fast and easy to do let me know what you guys think in the comments section of below hit the thumbs up button.

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