How to Mini Crown Braid

Hey Everyone Killa here with a half up crown braid it’s kind of a mini crown braid tutorial. Because you don’t have as much hair, and it’s kind of a lot easier to do than a real crown braid you’re going to start out by sectioning some hair from the back, and go ahead, and clip it all the way then you’re going to take a section of hair from your temple on the opposite side that you want your braid on pull it over, and then spy it into three, and begin braiding under incorporating hair as you go as you would in a French braid but the difference between this, and a French braid is that you’re braiding under instead of over that way you get that great d braid that sits on top, and creates a crown braid now.

How to Mini Crown Braid Photo Gallery

I think the is easier than a normal crown braid. Because you don’t have to braid upward for too long. And I think Brady upward is one of the most difficult parts of doing a crown braid, and it’s also less hair to braid it’s just that little front section right there.

So it’s a nice way to do that then you’re going to braid an extra couple of inches, and go ahead, and secure the end, and then of course you’re going to pull it apart to make the braid look extra big, and kind of loosen it up around your face then just take the tail of that braid, and pin it underneath this section that we removed at the beginning let that section down to cover the end of your braid, and you’re done told you it’s a lot easier than a normal crown braid, and it’s a great way to pull off the look at the same time. I hope you guys loved it share pictures with me using the hash tag Kaley Melissa. And I will see you my next post bye.

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