How to Never Have a Bad Hair Day

Today’s finally that day where, I share with you my tips and tricks and how to never have a bad hair day again and by never, I mean like 99% of times the other 1% for those hot days these tips are extremely simple and that’s something that, I have incorporated and, I utilized in my everyday hair life to make my hair beautiful to embrace my natural hair yes the first one is one of my favorites it’s massaging the scalp, I love this have your partner do it for you you can do it yourself in the shower which, I love doing especially when, I should put my hair when you massage your scalp gently it promotes blood flow into your scalp which results with hair growth more hair sebum which is basically like a natural conditioner for your hair which actually strengthens and repairs your hair yes get in there for massaging that scalp a little bit harder and deeper that’s what she said like that oh no not like that not the face just the scalp unwanted volume we’re just using this brush next tip is don’t forget to incorporate your leave-in conditioner after you wash your hair, I love leave-in conditioners they have made a huge difference in my hair life my hair loves leave-in conditioner leave-in conditioners are really great to help repair nourish hydrate your hair in between washes and heat styling and one of my favorites is by Brio Gio.

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I love their brand so much and they created and formulated a leave-in conditioner with their don’t despair repair line, I love their deep conditioner and this one is just as good maybe even better this is their strength and moisture leavin mask this is formulated with a really unique micro oil beats which has argan oil in this this just helps repair damaged hair like mine. Because it is chemically treated. So, I do need the extra love and care for my hair and just overall it makes your hair softer healthier and hydrated and, I just love it this brand is very natural and healthy they’re vegan they’re cruelty-free they have no sulfates no parabens no silicones no phthalates and their products are incredible and they speak for themselves it’s very easy to use, I just applied to my freshly dampen hair after the shower from like the mids to the ends of my hair and then, I take a wide toothed comb and just gently brush it out from the bottom making my way up to the top and, I love that this product is very weightless it doesn’t weigh my hair down it smells good it makes my hair softer and it just it’s changed my hair Thank You Bree ogia for working with us on this portion of the post, I love your products, I stand by your products they’re incredible and check out the link below for more information on the new leave-in conditioner and of course any other products that, I mentioned in this post the next tip is to invest into good quality natural shampoo and conditioner they will be pricey. But the thing is you don’t buy them that often just.

Because they’re a little bit more concentrated and they don’t have all of those extra additives like sulfates parabens that are added into the shampoo conditioner and they do last a little bit longer just. Because you don’t need to use as much as those other shampoo conditioners from the drugstore, I will not name any names. But there are a lot of them that, I don’t like they make your hair life hard yeah and, I had to refuse to work with them just. Because they made my hair really bad they made my hair fall out not a good moment especially when you work with your hair, I get very protective with my hair, I like brands like mix nature clay Vosges for yo-yo obviously claw rod there are. So many good brands out there that actually focus on good quality products for your hair that actually care about your hair and, I just to make a quick buck. But really create good products that will go above and beyond for your hair the next tip is don’t forget to utilize your hair masks this could be in the shower hair mask the quick ones or overnight or maybe just 30 minutes to an hour kind of hair masks some of my favorites for deep conditioning is of course brioche EO don’t despair repair deep conditioning eye mask I’ve gone through, I think three or four tubs of these already this mask is just incredible it is reconditioning and it makes my hair feel. So good.

So soft and very manageable and of course another one coconut oil we both love it so much not just for hair masks. But just a makeup remover moisturizer for the face for the body, I combined the small little jars and we said enough is enough let’s go for the big boy we just love her coconut oil in this house and then other hair masks that are reparative like olaplex. Because, I do get my hair colored, I love a good moment with my olaplex, I go through bottles, I think, I use at least two bottles every month that is a lot. But I love my complex olaplex is just incredible for anybody that colors or treats their hair it’s it’s incredible next tip is for those that use any type of heat styling tools for your hair this could be blood dryers hair straighteners flat irons curlers crimpers whatever it is they use something with heat don’t forget to use a heat protectant this is crucial this helps prevent split ends hair breakage it just helps nourish and just coat your hair before you apply any heat some of my favorites are starting with brioche oh, I love their rose Arco he protected it is. So good, I use this on my damp hair when, I am blow-drying my hair and then if, I don’t blow-dry or just leave it air dry and for dry hair, I love these two products, I like the Cadis professional their shield it he protects it and then the Tresemme this one is ridiculously cheap and this is the heat tamer they’re just both really good heat protectants for your hair that will go a very long way to making sure your hair has a great life. So this next tip, I have to mentally prepare myself when, I do this in the shower rinsing your hair with cold water this is kind of like those times when my dad would tell me when he was back in the motherland they would be in the sauna and then they would go outside when it’s snowing and just jump into the snow and then go back and forth. Because it actually helps your body it kind of heightens everything up rinse your hair with cold water it’s in credible for your hair.

Because it helps close your hair cuticles which results with really soft smooth less frizzy hair just overall it benefits your hair and of course your body literally I’m in the shower my body does like a fall who knows what it’s so bendy only my hair gets in the cold like, I maneuver it very well yeah, I do and then going along the lines of cold utilize your cold heat setting on your hair dryer maybe you’ve never even noticed you had one. But usually all hair dryers have a cold piece setting just. Because when you’re done blow and drying your hair with the warm or hot heat setting depending on your hair type utilize the cold heat setting to just set your entire hair in place it makes your hair really soft it makes your hair really shiny and bouncy just full of life, I usually do for like 30 seconds to a minute maybe even more just. Because it feels really good next tip is always have dry shampoo on hand. So have one in the car your gym bag your work bag in your office and your purse dry shampoo literally can save your hairs life make your life better in that day. If you’re feeling your hair is limp or it needs to get freshened up and you don’t have time to take a shower take your dry shampoo spritz it on there wait ten to thirty seconds and massage it gently in and brush it out and it instantly freshens your hair, I don’t just use it on days when, I need to refresh my hair, I actually use it after, I wash my hair as well just. Because my hair is really super soft and silky.

So, I need to have a little bit of texture in there to make it a little bit more manageable. If I’m going to do some kind of hairstyle. So it’s not only good for freshening your hair it’s great for texture do you have flat hair do you question your life’s existence when you have flat hair yeah cuz, I do, I have a super simple trick for you in three two one volume no. But seriously it’s that quick just change your party line it adds its tip volume and they give you a different luxe action to my mom haier several times when we’d go up north and visit and we’d have like a family gathering date night with all of us all the kids siblings and the parents and, I would do her hair and, I would change her party line just to give her a different look and give her more volume to her hair. Because her hair is very very thin and she would look in the mirror and go just don’t think you thought which means something’s not right and a big mom that’s. Because, I changed your partying like and you have more volume to your hair and it looks a little bit different and she liked it my dad liked it, I think she looked stunning looks beautiful and just by changing to her party line it just gave a whole different look my mom was not used to and just like that, I became her favorite daughter mom. If you’re reading this, I love you you’re welcome this next one really helped elevate my hair game it was to memorize three to five different hairstyles that, I could do on myself that would be really simple easy and just overall beautiful, I love braids, I love waves and, I love really simple obtuse that, I could wear to various events and occasions and, I don’t mean just a bun or messy bun or a ponytail something that will be a little bit different than what you normally or usually do and of course shameless plug in, I have hundreds of hairstyles and you can choose from this next one is be prepared.

So what, I mean by that is. If you have an important in fact coming up or the next day you have an important meeting and you want your hair to look flawless and amazing do your hair the night before what, I mean is either curl your hair straighten your hair and dry your hair the night before put it in rollers whatever it is just do it the night before and then the next day you wake up and just do your final touches it helps you save on time your energy in the mornings not wasted and curling or drying your hair and your hair will have an amazing day just like you will this next one goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the previous one, I decided be prepared and do your hair the night before it’s not the pillowcases oh we love them both so much they have changed our lives for the better our skin here they’re extremely soft and smooth and that prevents the friction from your hair with your pillowcase. So that helps reduce split ends it just keeps to hearing nice and soft you don’t wake up with that bad head you know like that rat’s nest on your head where you can barely brush it out, I have very fine hair. So when, I sleep on other pillow cases, I have to be very careful. Because, I am a mover and an explorer at night. So suck pillowcases have changed both of our lives for the better and, I get are as an Amazon. Because Amazon Prime is life and it just makes everything better and last.

But not least we can’t forget nutrition for our hair to keep it beautiful and healthy every single day this is vitamin the types of foods we eat and of course hydrating our bodies. Because. If we don’t take care of our bodies from the inside is going to reflect on the outside which is our hair and our skin Andre and, I both take supplements every single day just. Because we do workout daily and consistently want to make sure our bodies are nourished and just healthy overall. Because we need that extra energy one of our favorite multivitamins is double X these are very potent. But they’re. So good and we just always refilled them every single month and we both take biotin this is the tablet form and this is by neutral a their hair skin and nail health and then.

If you don’t like tablets, I actually go back and forth between the tablet and gummies gummies are incredible they make me feel better about taking them. Because tablets are not always. So fun to eat. So these ones are really great this is the my diffusion blueberry flavor and this is the nutriblast this is their strawberry flavor and, I like them both they’re both really good and they taste incredible and they make you feel good when you eat them knowing that there are vitamins of course is a reason why these are called supplements they’re supplementing your diet essentially you need to have a well-balanced diet. Because that’s what it comes down to while you didn’t take it’s going to show up on the exterior. So that means you should have your fatty acids your proteins your vitamins your minerals your phytonutrients it needs to come within your diet and then you take supplements to supplement it for example if, I know my scalp is getting really dry, I know that I’m lacking something in my diet usually that means fatty amino acid which is like omega-3 B vitamins and then some type of protein maybe all three maybe just something more fish no I’m not the biggest seafood lover here. So, I will try to resort to something else if, I can I’ll just take my omega-3 supplement, I do like a good tuna sushi, I like this diet right you guys heard it here first you will never have a bad hair day again with all of my fabulous tips and tricks to keep you here healthy and beautiful let me know.

If you have some of your tips and tricks for your hair leave them down below thank you for reading spending time with me, I love you all very much and I’ll see you next time bye bye Andre.

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