How to Perfect Beachy Mermaid Waves

These beach waves, I’ve been wearing them in my posts recently, and a lot of you guys requested them also. I think these would look really good with a graduation cap. So I decided to show you how to do it first of all, I’ll going to apply some heat protestant throughout all of my hair. So today it’s nice, and safe while we’re curling it then, I’ll going to go ahead, and section my hair from the nape up, and clip the rest of the hair out of the way then, I’ll parting my hair over my shoulders and, I’ll using a new curling technique for this, I’ll going to be wrapping my hair around the iron, and keeping it flat as. I wrap it around for the first half of the hair then for the second half of the hair, I’ll going to grab the hair with my hand, and not let go, and continue to wrap it, and when you do that it’ll causes the hair to twist around the end.

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So you have a flat at the top, and then twist it at the bottom that creates a nice ringlet up top, and then a wave at the bottom. So you have these nice kind of top-heavy curls, and that creates a really nice beach wave. So, I’ll just going to go ahead, and do that to the nape of my neck using my Titan iron from nume and, I’ll using the one-inch attachment for that you could go bigger or smaller depending on the size of curls that you want, and then, I’ll just letting them fall once, I’ll done. So, I’ll just kind of letting the weight of the hair kind of pull on it a little bit, and create a little bit of a looser wave then, I’ll going to move on to the next section. So, I’ll just going a couple inches up, and letting the next little bit down kind of for my ears up then, I’ll taking small sections and, I’ll curling them in differing directions.

So this one, I’ll curling towards my face, and now, I’ll going to curl one away from my face this creates a lot more volume in your curls. Because when they’re going different directions they end up sitting on top of each other instead of meshing together. So you’re just going to continue following that method, and sections until you reach the temples of your hair, and then we’re going to change things up a little bit for the hair from the temples up we’re going to keep doing the same thing that we have been doing wrapping the hair around the iron but then you’re going to go ahead, and grab the hair when it comes off the iron. So that it’s kind of in this little curled donut shape, and pin that against your head again hitting that through your section this makes the curls really nice, and tight, and bouncy, and voluminous, and if you want to instead of catching the curl when it comes off the iron you can curl your hair, and you can kind of let it fall, and then wrap it around two fingers, and this creates the same donut shape which can be a little bit easier to work with, and you’re still just going to pin that against your head this here allows it to cool in its curled shape which again just makes it a nice tight bouncy curl. So you’re just going to keep repeating that until all of the hair is curled once the air cools completely you can go ahead, and let these curls down, and then we get to mess with them just a little bit to make them extra beach you can go ahead, and shake them around with your fingers but what. I really recommend doing is flipping your head over, and easier your hands to really mess up these curls just kind of shake them around then once you come back up you can go ahead, and some hairspray, and then scrunch them that really gets that beach look. Because they’re kind of all messed up from having been shaken around, and then you scrunch them, and it gets that piece eons back into it. And I just love how that looks it’s definitely beach definitely effortless, and beautiful. So that’s it guys it’s just a new way to wrap the hair around the curling iron it gives you a really cool look. So hopefully you guys try this out, and send me pictures if you do. I would love to see, I’ll see you guys in my next post bye.

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