How To Put Out A Kitchen Fire

The kitchen is the most common place for a fire to start – with the most frequent cause being oil or fat left unattended, becoming too hot and igniting. Deep fat fryers can be a fire risk if not supervised closely when in use.

This type of fire can get dangerously out of hand in seconds so it’s key to take the right action promptly to put it out. If it’s already too big for you to deal with, get everybody out of your home, close the door behind you and call 999 for the fire service.

If the fire starts in a pan on the stove and is small, use an oven glove to move the pan off the source of heat and clamp the lid on – lack of oxygen will suffocate the flames. Turn off the hob.

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If the fire is bigger but still manageable, turn off the heat if you can reach the controls safely. A fire blanket can smother flames and put them out, as can a wet towel or tablecloth. Never pour water onto a fat pan fire – it can make it worse.

For a fire in a deep fat fryer or other electrical appliance, pull the plug out or switch off power at the fuse box. This may stop the fire immediately but if it doesn’t, smother it with a fire blanket.

Deal with oven or microwave fires by closing the door and keeping it shut. Turn off the power and wait for it to cool down.


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