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I feel like I’m on the Red Carpet, and there’s a lot of Paparazzi. I think want to give her a breast implant to squeeze, as like a stress ball so to speak. Let me tell you a little story, I was a lifeguard. I’d lather up, get the stuff didn’t have any SPF in it. Now I’m paying the price I have..Sun Spots.

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Thank God for Doctors. Kelly, welcome it’s good to see you again, how are you? I’m good, I’m good thanks! So tell me what brings you here today? I’m here about my chest. I have all these, marks. These spots. Sure, some sun damage, sun spots. It was the 80’s you had to be had to get your base. As the Sun delivers your UV radiation you’re getting a lot of injury to the collagen the dark spots are typically melanin which is the pigment component of skin so that’s why you’re seeing some irregularities and also some differences in the texture of the skin. You can fix me? We can definitely do a few things to help fix that. That’s for sure. Well I’m ready let’s get started. Perfect let’s do it. Great. You’re all dressed, changed I guess and ready to go. We’re going to use that Sciton Laser, a laser that takes advantage of inferred to help get rid of.

Is it like Star Wars makes noise ? Ok Kelly, I’m going to fire up the BBL now. BBL which is Broad Band Light in the form of a laser. What it does is it rejuvenates the skin at the cellular or genetic level, you’ll end up with less pigment in the skin, overall improved skin quality and texture. Oh my sun damaged friends are going to be so jealous. Machine Beeps Oh you do not want people to open their eyes during this. No I need a stress implant. Ok, here we go. How was that? Fine. I feel like I’m on the Red Carpet and there’s a lot of Paparazzi. Ok Kelly, you are all done. Are you kidding? No that’s it. That’s it? I feel like a new woman. And I’ll be able to see? Yes I can see! No my eyelashes are still there! You’re all done! Whatttt? I have a new chest! It’s going to be like a baby’s bottom. Now what do you guys want to do? Who’s up for cocktails?.

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