How to Recreate Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscars Waves

Your friendly neighborhood hairstylist here, and today we’re going to talk about how to get jennifer Lawrences waves from the Oscars. I loved this it was instant heart eyes of Moody’s as soon as. I saw his hair, and then. I got a bunch of requests on Twitter. I asked you guys if you wanted this tutorial you said yes we’re here doing this, I’ll going to show you how to get these waves with a flat iron, and the curling iron one is. I think a little bit more accurate to what this stylist did, and one is a lot easier. So whatever your preference is, I’ve got you covered, and big shout out to Jenny Cho Jennifer Lawrence’s hair stylist for creating this amazing hairstyle. I love it. And I fully believe, and shouting out the amazing artists behind amazing hair. So go follow her Instagram is hairspray sin for days it’s. So good also, I’ll loving today’s lip combo the is foolish by color pop, and clay crushed by Maybelline try to make my makeup look like Jennifer Lawrence’s. I don’t know if. I got there but. I do have a new favorite lip combo which is this okay all that being said let’s get into it all right we’ve got the center part ready to go cut we’re doing two different methods today, I’ll going to go ahead, and clip this one out of the way. So first things first we’re going to section the hair, and leave off the nape of the neck secure everything else out of the way. So here’s the fun part about this hairstyle is that it’s about three different flatiron wave techniques, I’ll going to show you all of it you can take what you want, and leave the rest okay. So there’s two kinds of s ways that are used in this hairstyle.

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I’ll going to call one of them the slide, and one of them the feed trust me just go with it you know that. I come up with weird names for everything let it be what it is. So the first one is the slide basically you close your iron on the hair turn it degrees, and slide then you can take it out put it back on turn it the other direction, and slide let’s make another one. So turn degrees slide then turn the other direction slide there are some pictures of Jennifer Lawrence hugging Meryl Streep where you can see this exact texture, and the hair which is why, I’ll thinking this was probably used for the lower portion all right next section. So let’s go ahead, and do another one or two with that same sliding s-wave the second technique is just a flat iron curl if you want to know how to do that. I can link it above you basically just close your iron at the root turn it to degrees, and slide it on the hair, and the faster that you run your iron through the looser this wave will be the slower the tighter it will be, and for me this was exactly what. I was going for. So, and now just for funnies, I’ll going back to the sliding s wave this might be a good time to tell you guys. I don’t actually have a mirror while, I’ll doing this, and now. I want to do some teasing at the root area there was quite a bit of fullness through this region, and a great way to get that is to do the teasing probably also would help to have some fake hair in here but, I’ll going to try it with my own hair for today, I’ll just taking a teasing comb and, I’ll going in, and you know doing the most, and. Because my hair likes to lose its volume, I’ll going to h it with some hairspray oh yeah the s called they want their styling tips back they also want their joke back now, I’ll actually splitting this last section in half normally.

I would just let down this chunk but. I want these curls to be really defined, and really pop. So, I’ll going there, I’ll splitting it in half for that extra a little bit of oomph, and actually before. I start curling, I’ll just going to do a little back coming on the underside here okay are you ready for technique number three them is the S wave feed method. So with this one you’re going to push the hair up, and it creates the first Bend of an S wave to hold that in place you’re going to take your iron over that just go top if you let go boom the bath that’s there then you can push up again, and go tap, and you’ve got some more s going, and then finally, I’ll going to do one more. I did notice on Jennifer Lawrence’s hair these kind of waves were often finished with a little twist like a little curl at the end instead of just being two-dimensional all the way down. So I am going to do that just by closing my iron on the hair turning it slightly, and sliding it through for this next crawl, I’ll going to do that again, I’ll just going to push up, and create that arc, and then push up again, and then for the end let’s curl it away alright this time let’s just do a little curl now.

I am being genuinely very random with how. I do these curls you can mix this up however you want you’re going to get a really cool effect. I think a lot of this hairstyle is really just that mix of textures, and for the sake of volume, I’ll going to do some more feet in s-waves let’s curl this one as well, and time for our final piece of hair now when you look at Jennifer Lawrence these first pieces go away from the face first, and then toward. So we’re going to do that with our little feet in s-wave push up. So that it creates that little arc, and tap it into place, and now, I’ll just going to take that, and do a little very gentle curl towards the base, and then the second piece just behind the first piece was also done with that same direction of feed in s-wave not loving this piece up in the front but, I’ll going to go fix it later first, I’ll going to get through everything else finish it off with one more little feet in best ways. So there’s your red carpet approved first side feel like doesn’t gets through just that overall look of that kind of like deep waved s voluminous PC kind of curl that we saw on Jolt it’s not being said it’s time for the second side. So we’re going to go in sections again. Because that is the best way to get lots of beautiful curls, I’ll taking a one-inch iron with a clip it doesn’t have to have a clip but if you have that option Id go for it and, I’ll going to curl my hair around but then when. I get to the top, I’ll going to twist just twice, and then wrap around twist one twist to wrap around twist one to wrap around, and close the lid on it if you can, and once it’s warmed up let it off, and then pull on it one two three, and you’re done. So you get a similar kind of deep waver look. So if you’re more confident, and comfortable with the curling iron can be a good option it’s not the exact same but it’s pretty close, and now, I’ll going to curl the rest of the hair in this section, and the opposite direction twist around twist around put the lid on it, and let it go, and hold it out one two three all done, and now already on to the next section.

So, I’ll going to repeat the exact same thing. I just did on this section, I’ll going to start by going toward my face. Because that’s how Jennifer Lawrence’s hair was the twisting just helps turn the curl, and some more of a wave. Because otherwise you have these perfect little ringlets which is not what that original hairstyle was about but if you kind of create the wave, and then you hold it out at the end to encourage some elongation you get a little bit of a similar look, and for volume let’s go ahead, and do some back combing while we’re here seriously do you do this when. I don’t need heatless curls look at that can you remember this for next time. I have to be honest in order to not look crazy. I will probably go back, and curl this one with the flat iron the same one that. I did this one but just for now let’s keep going the way we have been, and of course curl toward your face. Because that is the mo for this hairstyle. I think the is really where you can see the difference between the two different techniques another way you could make this more like the original hairstylist to find ways to change up the way that you’re doing the curl. So maybe take some pieces a little bit smaller does some pieces a little bigger that kind of changes the size, and the way that the wave looks, and then maybe you could do a couple of curls where you don’t do the twist method, and that way you have a couple curls popping out in that more wavy hair look going to go check this in the mirror, and make this side match the side, I’ll BRB. I did the little S wave right here, and then. I straightened out some of the curls a little. So there would be more difference but that is all. I did the is the finished look there you go some Jennifer Lawrence waves. I feel awesome in these there are some times where you see hairstyles, and you’re not sure like if it’s just that you like it on Jennifer Lawrence or that you would like it on yourself answer. I like it on me. I feel awesome, I’ll ready for the beach, I’ll ready for a night out, I’ll ready for a red carpet. So many things. So I definitely encourage you guys to try this out whether you like a flatiron or a curling iron you’ve got some techniques to try out. So get to it Simmi pictures if you do, and that has been my Jennifer Lawrence wave tutorial. I hope that you guys enjoyed it, and enjoyed seeing multiple different ways to get the wave let me know in the comments down below if that’s something you’d like to see continued, and that is it for today’s post don’t forget to subscribe, and turn on post notifications. I am uploading Monday Wednesday, and Saturday all throughout March. So come back on those days say hi learn some cool hair stuff, and other stuff too we’ll have a good time that’s it for today’s post, I’ll see you in my next one what-hey.

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