How to Refresh your hair after a Workout

I wanted to do a post on how. I survived second day work out here basically in case you have no idea what that means um second day work out here is basically for people like me who tried to go every other day without washing their hair. So that your natural oils can work on your hair, and you’re not stripping it with a shampoo every day, and if you do that, and you work out it can be a little bit tough. Because, I’ll not second-day you’re not going to take a shower but you worked out. So your hair kind of needs a shower there’s you know you have to have a way to kind of think it, and make it work. So here’s what. I do basically um first of all when, I’ll working out. I make sure that my hair is pulled like really far off my face. Because. I get sweaty through here and, I’ll just going to go, and say the is going to be kind of gross is post talking about sweating all that anyway. So I get sweaty around here, and my face my hair will sometimes like stick to it, and then my hair gets like dirty, and it’s kind of gross um. So what. I do is that make sure that. I have my hair all the way pulls back. So that it’s not in my face. And I promise you.

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I’ll not one of those people that tries to look attractive while they work out it would fail if I did. So I just. I have it all pulled back really tight. So that it doesn’t end up in my face, and getting sweaty that’s a good first step to take, and then. I take a shower which is a good thing um but. I pulled my hair all up into a knot, and then. I stick it under my shower cap what you seen it the is my lovely little shower cap, and um make sure that everything’s pulled back into that, and then. I go ahead, and wash myself, and then. I come out, and invariably. Because, I’ll a klutz. I end up getting some part of my hair wet it’s usually down here but yeah um it happens every single time. So what. I do is first of all. I use a dry shampoo or batiste, and a guy that backwards are my favorites on they do a really good job of absorbing oil, and all that kind of stuff and.

So, I’ll go ahead, and put that through my hair. And I basically just go ahead, and like spray it here, and then spray it here it’s right here, and then here, and here, and then sometimes. I hit the crown of my hair if it needs it, and go ahead. And I just take my hands. And I rub it through my hair like. So, and then. I pull it out kind of, and then what. I do. And I think the is kind of what makes it all work is. I take my hair dryer. And I actually dry my roots, and the first of all the reason for that is. Because. I always end up getting water down here now is in a getting my hair wet somewhere. So first of all, I’ll drawing that off but also. I think it just helps to go ahead, and dry up any excess stuff that you have going on in your hair. I don’t really you know. I don’t really know why that works but it really does, and my hair looks refreshed, and it looked refreshed all day long, and you can’t even tell especially. Because if you use something like batiste it has really good scent to it. So your hair still smells fresh. And I really like it. So that’s pretty much my little routine for making it through my second day work out here it works really well for me, and hopefully that will work for you, and that’s it. So I hope this was a helpful post. And I will see you in my next post.

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