Today’s post is all about how to repair damaged hair. So many of you probably know the story of my damaged hair. So basically long story short my hair was overly processed with a bleach cap and it literally physically broke my hair. But on a more positive note today, I will be sharing with you guys some of the things some of the products ingredients tools what really helps repair my damaged hair. So we’re going to first start off with the most common shampoo conditioners. But before we do that, I wanted to mention that, I try to find brands and products that really focus on clean healthy ingredients that are natural organic vegan cruelty-free and that really actually care about your well-being of your hair the environment and.


So forth. So regarding shampoo and conditioner that is probably the most asked question on any social media platform that, I have what shampoo and conditioner do you use milada seriously what do you use and, I actually use three different types of shampoos and conditioners you might think that I’m really crazy for using three different types of shampoos no, I don’t use them on every single day basis altogether, I alternate them, I am NOT that crazy I’m a person. So, I do have a rhymin reason for this. So the first shampoo conditioner, I use is basically four kind of like that every day shampoo conditioner for any event for any type of hair that, I have you know. If it’s dry. If it’s humid outside if, I need a little bit extra love and care that’s basically like a Holy Grail shampoo conditioner and then, I have a shipful conditioner that, I use for like those special events the really luxurious shampoo conditioners for example or they love their gold lust repair line it’s amazing it’s smells good it literally looks like you have both hair is. So shiny and then the last third shampoo finish, I use is a purple shampoo.

Because, I do have blonde in my hair, I want to keep that brass finish at bay and purple shampoo does that for me. So this right here is a shampoo and conditioner that, I reach for every single day or every 3-4 days. But when, I shouldn’t or condition my hair. But this is by the brand mixed nature and the reason why I’d love them so much is. Because they’re not only formulated without all of those crappy additives like sulfates silicones da’s parabens phthalates. But they’re also cruelty free they have a lot of vegan products. But the two things that really blew me away when you become your own chemist when you customize you literally customize your own products and number two fresh ingredients when you place your order that’s when your conditioner or shampoo is made that’s why it’s so fresh thank you the results that, I want from a shampoo and conditioner is first of all, I want all of the nourishment that, I can get, I want the antioxidants, I was a mineral you know all the vitamins that, I can pack into my hair and of course, I want something that will prevent split ends.

Because hey, I use heat in my hair, I have a blog that focuses on hair tutorials, I am bound to have some kind of split ends and break it after trying to mix nature products, I was. So amazed with the results for what, I wanted for my hair and, I got back plus more we definitely had to work together and collaborate and I’m just. So excited for what the future holds for us and for the different projects that may come up in the future, I am very excited and, I support these type of brands 110% let’s move on to different types of hair masks that, I love and use. So deep conditioning mask they’re basically an additive to your already shampoo and condition that you use my favorite ones are the type of masks that are reparative they have protein a lot of great ingredients that are nice and deep and conditioning that can use in the shower for about like three to five minutes or even ten minutes and then there is masks or oils that, I like to do overnight for example my top favorites, I always talk about is coconut oil or castor oil, I actually mix two together to make like my own customized you guys see with this trend of going L, I customized things, I am not kidding we love our coconut oil in this house it is no joke we both like to wrench our head root to tip with coconut oil or castor oil and just leave it overnight and then the next day rinse with your simple conditioner and your hair is shiny it is stronger it just has more movement it’s it’s night and day it’s incredible try it and then, I always always like to do an intensive treatment for my hair and this is the olaplex number three. If you color your hair you need this in your life ASAP. But it is not formulated only for colored hair it is formulated for literally anyone. If you just blow dry your hair and you feel like your hair has a little bit to a tresor is feeling a little bit dry and broken you need this don’t get mistaken this is not a conditioning mask this is a repair treatment for your hair that repairs broken hair bonds it literally connects them and just makes your hair amazing you literally need this in your life, I definitely encourage you to do a little bit more research.

If you want and give it a go try this product out. Because you will not be disappointed it is a bad guy. So after all the shampoo conditioner hair mask hair treatment, I always always have to apply some type of finishing styling product for example a heat protectant or some kind of leave-in conditioner spray these two right here are incredible this right here is the pure ology color fanatic and this is the Brio geo blow-dry and styling heat protectant it is these two are amazing, I love both of them and the reason why, I always always put a heat protectant and leave-in conditioner in my hair is. Because, I do style my hair very very often with each even if, I do leave my hair air-dry, I know I’ll probably put some type of a heat tool on my hair. Because you guys watch my tutorials right I’ve put a lot of heat on my hair let’s be honest. So these right here are a life saver for my hair. Because they add a nice protective extra layer on my hair strand without burning them off speaking of hair see the tools when, I do blow down my hair, I always like to let my hair air dry for at least about 75 to 80 percent air dry and then, I go in and finish off with a hair dryer just to reduce the amount of breakage friends you know things like that.

So, I don’t overly dry my hair and damage it even more with the speech and, I always always use it either on the medium or the cold keep setting and for my curling irons my curling wand my straighteners unloving brand actually have the customizable heat setting for your type of hair. So like, I said my hair is really fine thin, and it’s color treated. So, I always always dig below 350 or 330 degrees Fahrenheit and never above always you can protect it when use heated tools just a couple other things that, I like to utilize or incorporate into my hair life or regimen is obviously vitamins like biotin vitamin B vitamin A C II you know things like that and then of course pillowcase you guys probably know this a silk pillowcase is incredible for your hair and your skin. Because it is. So smooth and soft your hair will not get stuck you will not get tugged and it is just life-changing, I got one for both my husband and myself and we both have noticed a crazy difference on our both hair and face they’re incredible and that is how, I repaired my damaged hair let me know. If you guys have any of your special tips and tricks for hair. But for now, I think it’s much reading this post and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye.

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