HOW TO Retro Finger Waves Short Hairstyles

Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies today we are taking it back to the olden days with this glamorous Marilyn Monroe ask inspired shirt hairstyle, I love it, I hope you love it too let’s get started. So for this hairstyle you will obviously need a couple of items and the first one obviously of course is a curling iron or a curling wand for today I’m using the hot tools this is a 3/4 inch in gold edition, I believe and, I will have a heated up about like 360 350 degrees Fahrenheit I’m not going to go any higher than that and then for that obviously you will need some protection. Because we’re pointing here on out here and then some hairspray. If you want to have extra holds for your curls and then to hold the curls in place before we set them and cool them we’re actually going to use either hair clips like these little silver metal ones or you can use bobby pins instead. So if your hair is layered and like mine or. If it’s straight, I do recommend you working in sections to achieve the full potential of this hairstyle. So I’m just taking my first section like right behind my ears I’m going to apply some of the key protection by Bumble this is the BB styling lotion just apply it and give it a quick spritz to the first layer reflection I’m grabbing the first section you can start anywhere you’d like I’m just grabbing one on the right side and then take the curling iron or your wand, I like the curling, I use for my lowest section.

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Because it’s kind of hard to do with this flame. So I’m just going to grab it put the hair in and I’m going to bring it underneath like. So hold it like 7 to 10 seconds depending how thick your whoreson your hair is and how hot the iron is yes thank you babe and when you let it go don’t let it go all the way just gently start to press fold the curl at the same time make sure you don’t let it go take your pin or bobby pin and then secure it right to your head oh don’t do that oh I’d like to put this thing down Oh what is that do you guys see this that’s my curling iron I’m still confused what that just came from. So that I’ve cleaned myself up come on to the next section, I still don’t know where that black stuff came from, I want to show you guys a little trick. So instead of just clamping it down the middle then like dragging it on my hair, I clamp it out just a little bit. But not all the way and then, I sort of clamp it when, I go down bring it back up on clamp it just. So it’s not going to give you that like weird edge on your on the ends of your hair from the curling iron and then just roll it all the way up that way kind of gives you those flawless curls without any crazy bridges from the curling curling iron let me show you this one more time and towards the top I’m getting a little bit smaller section click too into there.

So even left. So I’m bringing the section closer to the side where the with a clip lifts bring it down and I’m going to start wrapping it towards the top going underneath just like that. So the reason why you want to do that is. Because. If you don’t and you just put it on top of one another in just one little area of the barrel it’s going to give it more of like a wave instead of like a beautiful last vintage curve that I’m trying to go for. So for these like vintage curls, I always like to have a nice deep part I’m going to take one of my combs and just create that deep part first. So for my top sections, I always start from the back and make my way forward and do exactly the same place grab smaller sections list of all the way up there and then just hold them horizontally, I wouldn’t say how many of you or ask you how many of you have battle scars from like curling your hair, I have one pretty bad one right here you can actually see the little circular thing, I see, I am put it in the hole my twist boys you bet guys have figured it out I’m putting my finger in the hole when, I twist more all the story folks don’t put your finger in the hole or when you’re busy we’re all don’t get dirty literally got dirty that’s disgusting alright let’s do this last section this is when, I watch like YouTube posts when, I do those kind of hair cycle you know what blog been obsessed completely her name is Malibu pretty awesome shameless plug in.

So good seriously when, I do this kind of hairstyles what, I know is going to take a while to do or like curling wise like this I’ll do a reading YouTube posts just in this picture, I love YouTube before, I do anything else I’m a little curls set for a good 15 to 20 minutes and the meantime I’m going to add a little like a very light layer of hairspray this is a big sexy big sexy voluminous and hairspray just a very very light layer just all the way around just like that give it a quick spritz and just kind of add a little bit of pull extra hold to my pearls alright. So go watch your posts on YouTube or. If you have an event to get ready to go do your makeup in the meantime to let your curl set cool off I’m going to go wash my hands and fingers. Because that’s disgusting curly hair you got my hands dirty let’s start taking these curls out. So I’m going to start from the very lower sections and making my way up just the way we curled it almost dropped the net turn it off nice and cool. So now that all the curls are out you can get like these really pretty like ringlet curls that are super bouncy and soft and this is why you wanted to wait to set them completely let them cool off and just kind of let them do its thing take any paddle brush and gently brush out your curls. So this is where these kind of clips come in handy and kind of helps you create that beautiful s-curve.

So once you brushed your hair out I’m going to take the clip and we’re going to run a little comb through see how they’re creating that edge I’m going to place it right here kind of put it together and then we’re going to put one right here just like that. So for this side where has majority of the hair for like this deep side I’m going to make sure these front hairs kind of go up just like that take the clip and just clip this hair back as far as possible and then we’re going to manipulate these s curls. If you need to kind of go back and give it more of like an S shape and also make sure all the clips and pins are all in line. So you’re not going to have like mismatch to s ways take some more of your hairspray and just give it a quick mix and let this little concoction sit for at least five – like 10-15 minutes depending on how much hair you have now let’s gently take it out. So this front piece right here I’m going to pick it up let’s actually achieve it a little bit better than me pick it up and then to add a little bit more volume I’m just going to run the bottom just up a little bit with my teasing comb this kind of gives like that full bob look. If you just heat it up a little bit and there we have it kind of sealing Marilyn Monroe, I can just need a beautiful white dress and some wind from underneath. But I love those hair, I think it’s really cute it’s very glamorous definitely not for everyday wear.

Because it is it does take a little bit extra time. But it’s so worth it for you guys. So pretty and it does last for a very long time just. Because you set the curls you put hairspray in it and, I don’t know to me they last for a very long time, I love this hairstyle another way, I love to wear this type of hairstyle is to wear one side behind the ear kind of making it nice and smooth right here just to give a more of modernized look and kind of open up my face I’ll just take some bobby pins and just pin maybe like one or two I’m gonna still make sure there’s some ways there and with just one little pin it like transforms the entire look this is actually my preferred method to where it is. Because it opens up my face just a little bit more and, I like that a kind of enhancing my features a little bit. But what do you guys think how would you where would you actually maybe wear your hair up like this to one side behind your ear or actually just leave your hair like framing your face which one’s your favorite all glamorous parties must come to an end and this one is definitely going to go off take off her makeup and go – sweet thank you so much for reading this post hope you guys enjoyed it leave your comments down below hit the thumbs up button and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye.

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