How to Sexy Victorias Secret Hair

Hi everyone how are you it’s Mimi here and today, I will show you how to get big sexy waves inspired by Victoria’s Secret models and angels.

So stay tuned to see how, I achieve this look I’m gonna be using one and a half inch Rusk curler I’m also gonna be using a blow-dryer you can use any blow-dry because this is gonna be really fast and we’re also gonna use hot rollers and I’m using Conair hot rollers you can get something like this at Walmart or sellers or any any beauty supply store Conner works pretty well for me and what you want to start with as you can see I’m already wearing my lucky hair extensions and I’m just gonna brush through the hair to remove any tangles. So just brush to the hair and then what I’m gonna do is pretty much wave the top of my hair with hot rollers and then curl the bottom of my hair with the curling iron the reason I’ll be using hot rollers on the top part of my hair is to create those soft waves that have a lot of volume and body that’s pretty much what they do at Victoria’s Secret shows to create nice soft waves as opposed to tight curls. So that’s exactly what we want to achieve today and I’m gonna show you how to do that.

So what you want to do before you start this is just spray heat protectant all over you here and I’m using Tresemme heat protectant and just pretty generously especially on the bottom of your hair I’ll let it drive for like a minute or two. So I’m gonna start hot rolling the hair and what I’m going to do is just take one of the hot rollers and start rolling it up and you just roll it up just like that and then you can just secure these secure the role in your head with these that come in the set take another section and do the same. So once you have all the rulers in your hair you want to just set it again with a blow-dryer.

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So just put it on and blow it on your hair for about 20 seconds. So what it does it just reheats the hot rollers one more time making the curls stay for longer and what we’re gonna do now is just curl the rest of this hair with this one and a half inch Russ curling iron you might also want to spray your hair with a hair spray just. So that it holds the hair stronger and longer.

So now we’re just gonna start curling the remainder of the hair and what you want to do is just split the hair in two and grab a section clip everything else away. So it’s not on the way and start curling it’s really that simple and I’m just using one and a half inch Rusk and you just grab at the bottom and just put it all the way up like that and hold it for about 15-20 seconds. So what’d you get it is a nice soft wave cake let’s do another section.

So again you grab at the bottom and then just roll it all the way up and hold it for 20 seconds and then you can release and you get a nice beautiful wave and do the same with the rest of the hair. So now that. I’ve curled all the hair I’m gonna release the top part from the hot rollers and all you do is just take the clip out and let the curl out and then what you want to do now is just run your fingers through all the hair because that’s how you’re gonna soften it up because that’s how the Victoria’s Secret models have it.

So run your fingers through all the hair if you like you hear big you might want to tease the top part of you here, I usually do that just a little bit take your teasing brush I’m using them and III teasing brush put it a little hairspray at the roots and start teasing. So that’s it ladies, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and do try it on home it’s really easy all you need is a few tools and a little bit of patience, I love how my hair looks and, I love to wear my hair like this cuz my husband loves it. So thank you for reading and I’ll see you guys soon bye bye.

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