How To Short Medium Hair Tutorial

Hi friends I’m back with another hair tutorial for you, I call this style my 5a hairstyle fast and wavy I’m just kidding please thumbs up this post. If you liked it and, I hope you enjoy it. So here I’m just showing you how, I suction my hair and with my left hand yes my left hand I’m holding my hair and with my right hand I’m holding my straightener and with the hair I’m actually going to pull it away from my face. So, I like my curls to be not in my face. But away. If that makes any sense. So I’m going to show that one more time with my right hand pulling my straightener and just pulling my hair down and just one more time I’m gonna show that again and this is on my left side of the face.

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So I’m using my right hand. If that makes any sense. Because it’s easier for me just going to pull the hair away from the face always pull the hair away from the face, I think it’s most flattering and, I already use heat protectant, I just didn’t show it in the post bye, I always recommend using heat protective. If you’re gonna put heat on your hair. So this is exactly the opposite, I just on my right side of the face, I take my straightener in the left hand and pull the hair away from the face yeah thumbs up this post and here this is what the curls will look like don’t worry we’re gonna brush it at the very end, I like to section my hair in two pieces when, I curl it. Because at the very end the the hair is. So voluminous it’s not even a joke.

Because my hair is very fine to begin with. So the more volume, I get is always a plus. So here I’m just showing you a very close-up of how, I curl my hair again again this is on my left side of the face. So the straightener is in my right hand and then this is on the right and the straighter who is on my left side. So basically it’s just flip-flopping and here’s a little further shot of what exactly I’m doing. So you can tell, I guess, I didn’t only cut that long. So, I just went back in andra curled the hair it’s no biggie you can always fix it, I hope this gives a little better insight of how, I curl my hair and then this is how, I finish my hair is yes, I keep suctioning it the more sections, I feel the better well that’s my preference might not work for everybody and just put your hair back and we’ll just keep curling until we’re all done and on the very top, I like to do a mix and match of little curls and like thicker curls, I think gives a really nice contrast on the waist maybe that’s just me.

But let me know what you think and this is how, I end my curls the very last curl, I like to start curling it a fourth way into that into the piece, I guess, I don’t like how it turned out. So how he did it, I don’t think he really made a difference. But whatever and then start brushing your hair with a new brush this is just a round brush when, I go to alter and then when you’re done brushing, I just go back in with my fingers and then just brush it out, I think it separates the curls. So I’m just showing you here how it looks from the back and, I do have a lot of layers in my hair. So that’s what my hair looks like when it’s curled, I hope this post was very helpful for you ladies out there that want to curl your hair with a straightener for an everyday easy look and don’t forget to subscribe and thumbs up.

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