Hi everybody, Welcome back to my blog today, I will be sharing with you a really fun and easy braid style a messy full hog edge braid let’s begin.

So this hairstyle does not require that messy tousled wavy look. But. If you have it go with it it’s gonna look really pretty and. If you have straight hair it will work as well this next step is totally optional, I just wanted to add a bump in the front of my head before, I start the break. So to do that, I just added some dry texture spray tease it to add more volume and texture and then just pinned it back with two bobby pins and by the way the buzz bobby pins ever are sold as Sally beauties and I’ll actually have a link down below to which ones, I use and which ones, I prefer alright let’s begin with our braid process some part. So what, I did was, I separate my hair well first, I get the flexion and, I start from or the bump ends and, I go all the way in the back and then just separate that section of hair into three sections. Because this is a Dutch braid and not a French braid it’s a reverse of the French meaning you take the outer section the left and the right and you’re tucking them underneath the middle part, I think it’s better for you guys to see without me speaking to make it easier and show you guys better, I took that right section and just flipped it over to the front and, I started to add hair.

How To ShortMedium Hairstyle – MESSY FAUX HAWK DUTCH BRAID TUTORIAL Photo Gallery

So you whenever you add the hair to the braid you add it to the middle underneath all of the either the right or the left sections and then, I just brought that right section back over and you do exactly the same thing to the left section bring that left section to the front and then you add the hair to the middle. So, I just want to show you guys without me speaking. Because, I think it’s easier for some people to understand to actually see what I’m doing without me speaking in the background and when you get to the very end just. If you have longer hair you can just bring it over to the front and just finish with a Dutch braid. Because my hair is not that long, I just finished it in the back secure with an elastic and this is what you should have when you’re Dutch braid is finished let’s begin to wrap this braid up a little bit. So, I start at the very top and, I start pulling each end from like both ends of the same time and this just gives them a volume it just makes it bigger it looks prettier and keep pulling until you get the desired amount of volume that you want and. If you want add more texture spray.

If you had don’t have enough texture. But I already did. Because it was second day hair and, I felt like, I didn’t need more and. If you do have layers like you can see some pieces will fall out and actually like that. Because we give that nice messy look and then. If your ends are not as pretty as mine they’re kind of rough, I just tucked them underneath the braid just rolled it up and then just secure it with a bobby pin and that’s it really easy really simple really fun and, I give that nice fun edge on a braid. If you liked this post please don’t forget to thumbs up and check out the other posts down below thank you for reading this post.

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