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Hey guys I want to share with you this really beautiful unique and elegant braided updo hairstyle the warm weather is finally here and, I feel like it’s such a popular time for more formal events and, I just think that this hairstyle is perfect it looks quite intricate but it’s actually a lot simpler than it looks you just will have to put in a little bit of arm work but. I will link some easy up-dos down below for you guys. So let’s go ahead and get started for this hairstyle you will need about 8 clear hair elastics and some bobby pins and you just want to ensure that your hair is free of knots and tangles for a nice smooth finish to help with the smooth finish, I’m going to go ahead and add some of this Herbal Essences cream gel it’s just super flexible hold and since. It’s so humid here in the summer time it just helps to keep my hair frizz free all day long. I just grab a quarter sized amount rub it between my palms and then.

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I apply it all over smoothing down my hair for our first ponytail, I’m placing my fingers at the sides of my crown and just trying diagonal lines down to the nape of my neck. So that this section is an upside down triangle. I recommend after each step combing everything to give you a nice smooth elegant finish with this section you just want to secure it off with a hair elastic to make it a ponytail and, I wrap mine around 3 times. So that it was tight but not too tight and you want your ponytail to be sitting right at the nape of your neck for the second ponytail, I’m placing my finger about one inch over from that first ponytail and drawing diagonally down to the nape of my neck and then you just want to do this on the other side as well, I’m just moving up these sections with my comb and then securing them off with a hair elastic just above our previous ponytail once it’s secure you shouldn’t be able to see that first hair elastic because it’ll be hidden by this new ponytail for the third ponytail you want to repeat the exact same steps, I’m placing my finger about one-inch over from the previous ponytail and diagonally drawing a line towards the nape of my neck on both sides once I’ve combed these sections, I’m going to secure them together with a hair elastic above our previous ponytail once it’s secure you should not be able to see the previous hair elastics. I created a total of five ponytails repeating the exact same steps grabbing one inch from beside each side of our previous ponytail smoothing it out and then securing it with a hair elastic over top of the previous hair elastic for my fifth ponytail it was all the rest of my hair framing my face and you just want to ensure that you’re leaving the hair that’s at your neck out of this ponytail as you can see I’ve created five cascading ponytails and you just want to ensure that all of your elastics are pretty well hidden now for an easy part you want to divide all the remaining hair into three equal pieces and we’re just going to create a loose three strand braid now for the braids to match our cascading ponytails you’ll just want to cross the outside sections over the middle versus going under once you’ve reached the very end of your braid secure it off with a hair elastic and, I like to make my ends into a little bit of a bun just. So that they don’t end up poking out now to make this hairstyle really pop and stand out you’ll want to pancake it which creates more volume and dimension first, I’m just going to gently pull up on small pieces around the crown of my head to help create some more volume since. I don’t really like teasing my hair.

So all you do is anchor your ponytails with your one hand and use your index finger and thumb to gently pinch small sections and pull them upwards and then once you’ve done that you’ll want to work your way down the ponytails. So again just anchor them with your one hand and with your index finger and thumb just gently pull on small pieces to make them more voluminous, I’m focusing most of my pancaking at the Center and you can see how quickly this just transforms the hairstyle you want to start with really small pieces and then work your way up to larger ones that you’re creating layers as you’re going which is going to give you the most dimensions. So you can see all the added volume and fullness is creates. I am just in love with the detail of this hairstyle. I think it looks incredible last step is to tightly roll up the braid and make this a stunning up-do start at the very bottom of your braid and you just want to tuck your ends underneath and begin rolling the braid all the way to the nape of your neck if your hair is shorter this will be really easy and if you have long hair just try to keep it as tight as possible once you’ve wrapped your braid you can either tuck it completely underneath those ponytails but. I think. It’s so beautiful to just let some of it show just helps to add extra detail to this hairstyle and, I just need to bobby pin it into place my biggest tip is to create crosses with your bobby pins by inserting them on angles for this hairstyle once.

I created a cross. I added an additional bobby pin through the center to create more of a star which held wonderfully you just want to avoid aimlessly sticking your bobby pins in because that’s when they slide out and the less hair you grab the better now for some finishing touches, I’m just going to curl up my bangs away from my face for a softer appearance and to polish off the look, I’m using Pantene’s alcohol-free extra strong hold Airspray and, I know what you guys are thinking, I’m not using Ellenet but. I want to test us the new things for you guys and this is really strong hold. So, I’m just going to do a couple light spritzes all over. So there you have you guys that is how you achieve its really beautiful and elegant updo. I love this hairstyle. So much this is by far my favourite up-do that I’ve ever done in my blog.

I just think that. It’s so unique and beautiful and you have let me know what you thought but this hairstyle is absolutely perfect for a wedding a fancy dinner or any formal event this summer. If you do recreate it don’t fit to share with me on Instagram you can either tag me or send it to me in a message but thank-you again. So much for reading hopefully you found this post helpful if you did just give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to comment and, I’m also going to link some more easy updos for you guys down below but thank you again for reading and I’ll talk to you guys soon bye.

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