I want to share with you one of my favorite types of hairstyles and one of those hairstyles that looks way more difficult than it actually is it’s really easy beautiful and elegant updo if you’re somebody that struggles of doing your own hair or you need a last-minute hairstyle for a wedding then this is the hair tutorial for you. So let’s get started for the first step of this hairstyle we want to create some volume. So go ahead gather all of the hair at the top of your head and just separate it from the rest and then tightly secure it off with a small hair elastic or bobby pin and it should be sitting at about the base of your crown now for that volume. So, I’m holding the base of my ponytail with my left hand and, I’m using my index finger and my thumb on my right hand and, I’m just grabbing half inch sized sections of hair around my crown and, I’m just gently pulling them up just a little bit and what this is going to do is give us a volume without having to tease our hair and you can see here what a difference this step makes now for the next step we want to grab all of the hair at this side of your face.. So I like to just draw a line down from the top of my head to the back of my ear and that’s our first side section now with this side section make sure it’s nice and smooth and you just want to pull it nice and tight across the back of your head and you want to make sure that it’s covering up that hair elastic keeping it nice and tight we can secure it with some bobby pins you can also secure it with the hair elastic but what. I like to do is insert my bobby pins on angles.

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So they’re crossing over one another. So, I’m inserting my first one upward to the left and then, I’m taking a second one and inserting it downwards to the left to create that cross. I notice afterwards I’ve missed a small piece of hair from the bottom of my section.. So I inserted one extra one just up the middle to gather it all in next you want to repeat the same steps on the other side. So what. I like to do is section off my side by drawing a line down from the top of my head to the back of my ear once you have your section pull it nice and tight across the back of your head and this time try your best to cover up those bobby pins and then you’ll want to secure the section as close to the bottom of that first section as you can.

So that it helps hide the bobby pins. So keeping this section nice and tight. I just entered in my bobby pins on angles. So they are crossing over one another and then. I added a third one. So that it’s extra secure next step easy divide the rest of your hair into three equal sections and do a three strand and braid all the way down until you reach the end of your hair I’ve been crossing the sections underneath one another instead of over just helps to keep everything nice and tight throughout the day once you’ve reached the end of your braid secure it with a hair elastic and, I like to not pull my ends all the way through. So that they form a small little bun that way my ends won’t poke up now that your braid is secured you just want to pancake it.

So that looks less braid like when we roll it up. So just use your index finger and thumb and just pull on the outside of the braid until it’s nice and big. I always overdo it when it comes to pancaking but don’t worry too much you can always adjust it after you’ve rolled it now for the fun part grab the bottom of your braid and roll it upwards along itself towards your head nice and tight and you want to try to position the roll against those lower bobby pins. So that it helps cover them up once you finish rolling and you’ve reached your head that you just want to begin Bobby pinning it into place. I like to first roughly bobby pin mine just by securing the outside of the braid to my head just to make sure that. I like the placement and everything’s nice and straight and then. I go ahead and insert bobby pins into the center of my roll just to ensure that everything is extra secure and there we have you guys that’s it that’s how simple it is to achieve this beautiful up to you and if you don’t get it right away don’t be discouraged it happens to me all the time with hairstyles.

I just don’t always post it but keep practicing and, I promise you’ll get it and if you do recreate this hairstyle or use it as inspiration don’t get to tag me on social media.. So I can creep you, I’m just kidding but you guys are truly talented and, I do love looking through your Instagram feeds a lot of you from different countries and,. I am so and people to see things that I’ve never seen before some of you are photographers and artists and you’re on fitness journeys and you all just truly inspire me every single day. So thank you but in saying that. I really hope that you found this post helpful if you did don’t give it a thumbs up comment down below let me know what you thought and yeah thank you. So much for reading.

I will talk to you guys in my next post bye.

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