How To Smokey Eye Tutorial with Glitter

Hi friends I’m back just in time for this New Year’s Eve party makeup tutorial we’re gonna start out by priming our eyelids just to make sure that, I eyes shadow stays pull all night long this is the NARS Pro smudge primer here I’m taking the color mauve Mellark Pro palette with a big blending brush from Mac and just start blending from the inner corner to the outer corner just sloppily just apply it up and a little bit over the crease this will make sure to be our perfect transition color and a nice base for this metallic Stila oil over eyeshadow in the color lavender and then with my ring finger I’m gonna start dabbing from the middle to the inner to the outer corner of my eye and then just dabbing it all over up until my crease I’m gonna go back into the eye show to get the color payoff that, I want which is pretty sparkly as you can tell there’s a lot of fallout. So keep in mind to do your foundation and concealer after you finish your eye makeup I’m back in with the same color muff and then just blend out the crease with a sparkly eye shadow and the matte color today wouldn’t be any harsh lines and then with any eyeliner I’m going with a Stila stay all day liner and intense black I’m just gonna line my top lash line as close as possible am, I gonna do anything crazy like winging it out this is just gonna be a very good color for when, I put my false eyelashes on and then with the same mauve color like before and any pencil brush I’m just gonna take it down to the lower lash line and smoke it out just a tiny bit and then with any mascara this is the voluminous L’Oreal full definition just apply it to my top lashes. So my lashes would it be crazy looking when, I apply my falsies on these are the whispies by our dowel and the duo glue just apply for like 30 seconds and wait till it dries out a bit. Because it’s much easier to apply. So it’s a little tacky and then I’m just using my fingers and trying to apply as close as possible to my lash line. So you wouldn’t like you know to false and then trying to bind them and these lashes are very very pretty and then after the eyelashes are dry just applied the same eyeliner on top of the lash line.

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So you can’t really tell where the where your lashes start and end and then this is a gel liner from L’Oreal infallible with any liner brush I’m just going to apply it to the lower lash line as you can tell really really close and then trying to go all the way into the inner corner this just gives the look a very sexy and sultry especially it’s perfect for the night and then here I’m just trying to wing it out of it and then with the same pencil brush I’m just gonna try to smoke it out a bit on more on the bottom lash line. So, I want to be more harsh lines oh my god look at that beautiful eye shadow oh, I love it it’s gonna go with any mascara I’m just going with the same one I’m just gonna apply it to the my real and false eyelashes and then to finish off I’m just gonna apply it some to the bottom and then to highlight my brow bone I’m going with the color cream and white from the lorac Pro palette and then this is the Anastasia brow Wiz in ash blonde and I’m just gonna fill in any sparse areas in my brows, I already apply my foundation. So here I’m just concealing this is the NARS radiant creamy concealer in vanilla to highlight my face in the places that, I want highlighted and then I’m gonna blend out the concealer with a sigma f-86 tapered kabuki brush this brush is perfect. Because it gets in all the crevices especially in the inner corner and, I can blend it out without ruining and you have a makeup, and it’s gonna turn out perfectly blended and then with the damp Beauty Blender I’m just gonna blend out the rest of my concealer, I applied some to my chin to the top of my lip my nose and my forehead and then to semi concealer this is a NARS translucent crystal light reflecting setting powder and loose and then just you know setting it with the same damn Beauty Blender what do you think and then I’m gonna cut him in the face with the benefit hoola bronzer. But this is NARS eita brush and then just blend it out, I chose a soft pink blush. Because, I want to over do my face I’m all the focus to be on my height and to make sure there are no harsh lines on my face for my blush and my bronzer I’m just gonna blend out my face with this large stippling brush from Mac, I chose the color red for my lips you can go with whatever color you want, I just want to go full on out for this party look and to finish off my look I’m just gonna put in some diamond studs and be off for the night, I hope this luck will give you some inspiration for this coming up New Year’s let me know what you think have a safe and happy new year I’ll see you guys next year.

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