How to Stitch Braid Hair Tutorial

It made me glow respect please don’t leave as it’s lovely let go. So hi how are you doing I’m super super excited to be here, I missed last week because, I was in Toronto Canada and, I don’t know if you can tell but, I got some highlights because that’s where my hairstylist live.

So anytime I’m in Toronto I’m like, I need to get a trim or highlights or you know get something done but what, I really like about my hairstylist is that put highlights without putting any bleach in my hair because, I refuse to put bleach in my hair. I’ve ruined my hair years ago by bleaching it non-stop and you know she just put some color and she literally left it for 10 minutes washed it out and, I have highlights again yay. So yeah anyways today’s hairstyle is gonna be a really cool braid, I call it the stitch braid and it was a requested hairstyle it actually somebody posted a picture on Facebook and, I absolutely fell in love with the hairstyle and it took me a while to figure out how to do it but it’s actually super super easy.

So I’m excited to show it to you let’s begin we’re only going to need a few simple tools for this hairstyle one of them will be a hair wax optional if you don’t want to use hair wax you can just use water we’re gonna need one bobby pin or a couple bobby pins and a hair elastic. So I’m wearing my Alexa hair extensions today and I’m wearing the Umbra set just to add the length and the thickness for this hairstyle but that’s completely optional step and what I’m gonna do. So I’m gonna do this stitching on one side it’s.

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So this is braiding technique but it kind of looks like you’re stitching and I’m just gonna grab a section of hair here from the right section that’s not too big and not too small just something like this and what I’m gonna do next is I’m just gonna take a little bit of a gel wax just a tiny drop just dip my finger in it and then just rub it in my fingers first before, I put in the hair because then it’s just going to go into one part and then I’m just gonna run my fingers through the hair just to add the hair wax onto the hair this will help me separate the sections as I’m and we’ll make the whole braiding process much much easier all right. So let’s begin now I’m going to show you right away what I’m doing and if you get the first step you’re gonna get the whole thing because it’s just going to be repetition. So it’s going to be steps that are repeating themselves just like with any other braiding technique now we’re going to have three equal sections and then what I’m going to do first I’m going to name this section one section two in the middle of course at section three at the right.

So we’re going to take section one we’re going to bring it under Section two just like that. So I’m just going to show you right now I’m going to braid a little lower. So we can see the gap.

So section one comes under Section two right we can see that right now and I’m going to create a bit of a loop as, I do that. So section one under Section two and then it’s going to go over section three as, I go over section three the section three will come over that middle section and I’m gonna take my fingers and pull that hair through okay are you with me now I’m just gonna do what I’m gonna do here and that’s why it’s kind of like a stitch now I’m just going to pull this up by tightening both sections just like that. So this is the first stitch and I’m gonna repeat it and I’m going to show you one more time, I think it’ll be easier now also that the sections look more separated.

So I’m going to take section one it’s going to go under Section two then it’s going to go over section three and then the section three comes over this middle section and through this loop through the circle cut off and then you just pull on it and continue doing this down this section now this is what the braid looks like when, I finish braiding it’s super super cool and as you can see you can see the stitching in every single one of those circles and when, I finish braiding I’m just gonna grab my elastic to secure the braid at the ends now the next step is I’m gonna bring this braid backwards and I’m just gonna pin it into my hair. So I’m just gonna lay it flat like that because that’s when you can actually see it against the hair and it looks really really cool and then I’m going to grab my bobby pin I’m just going to slide the bobby pin into this braid to make sure it’s secure now the next step I’m going to do is just grab this section of hair from the other side and cover this bobby pin because we don’t want it showing. So just going to kind of go over that section if you want somewhere nice and fancy you can just need to add like a really nice flower accessory here just to glam it up a little more but personally this is a daytime look and I’m just going to leave it as is that’s the stitch break let me know how you like it down below leave me a comment, I absolutely love this hairstyle, I think.

So definitely one of my favorites this year. So definitely give it a try and post your recreations on Instagram and Facebook, I would absolutely love to see recreations when you post it on your Instagram make sure the hashtag it locks a hair. So, I can do a bit of snooping around and look at it thank you.

So much for tuning in, I love you guys. So much and I’ll see you next week bye respect please don’t leave as it’s lovely let go you this.

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