Hi everybody, Welcome back to another post that is dealing with this new hairstyle change that I’ve been rocking lately. If you have.

If you are following any of my social media pages or I’ve seen last post you probably noticed that my hair was slightly shorter and much more blonde. So that’s basically what, I did, I went much lighter and, I just asked her to give me a very blunt cut just all the way around and then just add slightly longer layers not too much, I didn’t want to add too much pouf to my hair. So basically that’s what she did alright. So first things first you will need a curling iron this is by hat tools this is their rainbow one this is also the size one in 3/4 inch you want a bigger curling iron go even past two inches. Because this will give you just that beautiful wave to your hair with a ton of volume some heat protectant. Because. If you are using heat on your hair and make sure to all use a heat protectant this is by Kendra and it smells very very good and then you will need a clip just to clip your hair into sections when we do the waves all right.


So let’s begin. So basically what, I do is, I just section it doesn’t have to be perfect we’re just sectioning the hair take the clip and then just clip your hair. So to begin curling take it into your opposite hand on the opposite side of your hair. So with my right hand on my left side I’m going to make sure the clip is facing the front and opening the clip up just take the hair I’m going to look at my mirrors. So, I don’t burn my face off and then don’t don’t clamp it down all the ways you can see I’m not clamping it down all the way you can see that and then just bring it down and then very gently wrap it up. So away from the face and hold it for like five to seven seconds away from the face five to seven seconds drop. So you guys see what that’s doing it’s not giving curl is just putting wave and ton of volume to your hair.

So you can see this I’ve done nothing it’s very flat you can see and this part is very voluptuous and a tiny bit of wave the next section down we’re going to go all the way back and then just section it basically came kind of given like a mohawk don’t a big heat protectant that was my cheer all right. So now that, I let my last section down I’m going to take the hair from the crown first. So pick up some hair just like. So, I already added the heat protectant take the curling tool curling iron and then we’re going to do it like this like that hold it for like and then let it go just like that and then the last part exactly the same clip at the very edge and curl it away from the face that’s once the hair has cooled down from all the curling I’m going to go back in with just my fingers and kind of brush Oh brush out the hair now that, I have run my fingers through my hair you can put hairspray, I don’t tend to. Because my hair is already on the drier side not, I wanted to dry out even more. But I’m going to put a little bit of the dry texturizing spray it does act sort of like a hair spray by the or bay this is it is pricy. But it is amazing it does so much wonders to my hair the top sections of my hair tiny bit goes a long way and the stuff does smell amazing alright you guys.

So here is the finished look, I hope you liked it as you can see what’s very quick and easy to do and accomplish it did take a little bit longer for me. Because I’m trying to explain to you guys the steps. But in reality it literally takes me two minutes to do with everything. But. If you do want to dress it up or make it a little bit more romantic you can add a little bit cute hairpiece or. If you do part it more to the side just to take that section sort of back behind your ear and you can even add like a cute little beret right here to the side it’s a really really cute and that’s it, I hope you liked it. If you did please give it a thumbs up and share with your friends and.

If not already pre subscribe to my blog and as always thank you so much for reading my posts and I’ll see you next time.

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