How to Style Curly Hair

So today I’m actually gonna show you how, I styled my hair curly my hair is actually naturally sort of wavy curly but there’s a few things that, I did to my hair to keep it a little more sane and not too crazy, I know Lela did her hair curling styling routine awhile ago and, I got.

So many requests to do the same mine and hers is actually completely different she is a smooth and diffuser or as, I can remember it and, I personally don’t use those things. So I’m gonna show you step-by-step how, I get this curl. So let’s begin.

So the first thing is of course is wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner and then I’ll let my hair air dry and wait till it’s damp. So it’s not completely dry there’s still a lot of moisture in the hair the next thing I’m gonna do is use my Rawat finishing treatment this sort of works as a living conditioner. So you can use any living commisioner you have and I’m just gonna take a little tiny bit of this product because tiny bit goes a long way and I’m gonna evenly distribute this through all of my hair now next thing I’m gonna do is take my argan oil and same with this product you only need a few drops you don’t want to put too much because your hair’s gonna get too greasy.

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So just get a few drops and get it evenly from the top to the bottom but mostly at the bottom of your hair because that’s where most of the damage is now the next step is hair wax here you can use any hair pomade or hair wax the reason, I use this product is because it defines the curl without weighing it down like gels or hair muscles would do. So, I really like to just use a drop of this hair wax and just that scrunching it in the hair just like take a little drop scrunch it in the hair take a little more scrunch it in the back in the front like you want to get it all over the hair as well and the last thing, I do is take my rifle hair spray and spray this into my hands then, I robbed my pumps together and then, I just evenly distributed this all over the hair. So same thing, I would do with the hair wax, I just started scrunching scrunching scrunching my hair scrunch at all and then make sure that it’s you know it’s everywhere no the next step is optional if you do have time you’re not rushing anywhere then you can just wait pretty hair to air dry usually I’m gonna rush.

So, I flip my head upside down and, I start scrunching my hair and just like drying it with the blow-dryer. So just continue doing this until you feel your hair is dry, I do have quite a lot of hair. So it takes at least 10 minutes for me to dry it completely and once it’s all dry you’re pretty much finished.

So now as you can see the curls are nice and defined if, I didn’t do any of these steps and my hair was just dry it would be a complete frizz ball but this way, I actually have pretty wavy curly hair yay for curly hair. So now you know how, I found my crazy curls give it a try let me know how it works for you down below I’d love to hear your feedback like this post down below comment for more awesome posts love you guys and see you very soon bye .

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