How to Style Outerwear

Hi, everyone! It’s your girl, Jenn. And today, I am doing a really fun styling post. Since it’s finally starting to get cold around here, I thought I would bust out some of my outerwear pieces and show you guys how I style them.

I am so happy to announce that I have partnered with Nordstrom Rack who is sponsoring this post. They have such a great selection of outerwear, so it was really fun getting to make this post. I also posted a post on their blog, so make sure you check that out after you read mine. But for this post, I am styling three looks, so let’s get started. The first coat I’m styling is the puffer coat. Puffer coats are notorious for being bulky, but that’s why I decided to choose one that’s more elongated. I love that this is in a neutral olive shade, so it’s really easy to pair with anything in my closet. I went ahead and styled it with a gray turtleneck sweater, and then I streamlined with some simple, black skinnies for something chic and classic. For shoes, I’m wearing some classic black boots. And then I wore a beanie to cover up any bedhead. I think this is a really great, everyday jacket that you can rock to school or running errands around town. Nordstrom Rock has a ton of amazing puffer options, so make sure you check it out. This next outfit is how I would rock a faux fur coat. I found this color one at Nordstrom Rack, and I love that it’s reversible. So it’s like you’re getting two coats in one. Since the coat is on the more extravagant side, I’m going to show you how I rock this baby in the evening for a date night look.

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6 Fresh Ways to Style Your Winter Outerwear

I popped on the coat, and I’m showing off the white faux fur side. I feel like it gives off a more chic, winter wonderland vibe. Underneath, I’m wearing a cute, lace dress and then paired it with some over-the-knee boots for a cozy winter feel. This is a great look to wear to a concert or even a nice dinner. I also styled these boots over at the Nordstrom Rack blog, so if you’d like to get more ideas on how to style it, definitely go check it out. I’ll leave it in the cards and the description box. The next coat is perfect for those who are traveling for the holidays. I highly recommend getting a bomber jacket because they’re so multifaceted and can be worn for so many occasions. Here I have this really sick, black bomber. It’s so comfortable, and it has this cool graphic on the back. So this is how I styled the bomber to wear at the airport. I paired the jacket with a comfy hoodie and some sweats. This is like a really chilled out look, and it’s insanely comfortable. So that way, you can travel in leisure. Now here is how I wear the bomber for the evening. I paired it with a patterned, over-the-shoulder top and my navy disco pants.

This is a flashy ensemble you can wear to a house party or drinks with the girls. So, yeah, that’s why I love bombers so much. They’re light-weight, easy to pack, and really go with any occasion. All right, guys, those are my three outfits featuring outerwear pieces. If you’d like more fashion inspiration, head on over to Nordstrom Rack’s blog. I posted something on there. I will leave a link in the description box, so please check it out. You can also shop similar styles on Nordstrom Rack. They are having an additional 30 percent off sale on Black Friday, so if you love a good deal, make sure you right in your calendars. Please let me know what other items you’d like me to style in future posts in the comments down below. I love reading what you guys have to say. And yeah, thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye!.

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