How To Style Short Hair Three Different Ways

Hello my lovelies and, Welcome back to another post today, I want to create some hairstyles that are super easy I’m short to medium to long hair whatever you have work with it it will turn out great. But some hairstyles for date night or Valentine’s Day. Because it is coming up or you guys can do it be special are we gonna do anything special babe probably not we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day every day is Valentine’s Day we go out the next night. Because there’s not too much people in the restaurant all right. So I’m gonna start off with the first one it is super simple let’s get to it for all these hairstyles, I wanted my hair waved or curled and. If you guys want an updated version of how, I curl my hair with a flat iron let me know down below.

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But this is what the curls look like this is my fourth day hair this still looks pretty good. So for this hairstyle you will need three clear elastics and some bobby pins to put it all together I’m gonna create three equal low ponytails in the back not really low. But to a point where, I can bring the ponytails, I lied you actually need six clear elastics the other three you will need to tie off the braids I’m just gonna do a very simple three strand braid you can do a fishtail braid you can do twists whatever it is it just creates three of each now once, I have the three really pulled apart from the sea braids what I’m gonna do now is start in the middle one and just create little buttons out of all three and just to make sure the buttons are close together I’m gonna use mini bobby pins to secure all together and it just creates a beautiful very boho romantic really easy low updo and the best part is, I like it that, I can be really messy with it and the way the curly hair really adds a nice statement and it kind of helps disguise. If it’s really messy and then once, I put it all together, I kind of go back and see. If any Scots need a little bit more volume and pulling apart. So that’s where, I go in and work my little magic or just ask endroit. If it looks good.

So there we have it this one is super easy it’s ridiculously fast to do, I think anyone can do it. If you don’t want to do the braids you can definitely just leave it as ponytails and take like a teasing comb and tease the ponytail to give it a nice and fluffy and then just put all together and like three little mini doughnuts. But kind of intertwined together. But kind of the same you get my point, I love this one, I think you will too this next hairstyle is going to be a beautiful super easy a rope twist updo it sounds difficult. But it’s not let’s get started I’m going to start with a deep part on my left side this is how, I do it and this is my method it works very well for me in my hair. So, I think it will work well for you as well I’m gonna grab a section of hair divide it into two equal parts and I’m gonna start on the top twisting the hair away twice and then taking the section closest to my face and twisting it towards my face two to three times I’m gonna take a section as closest to my face and bring it over the back section I’m gonna take a clear elastic and tie off the rope twist once, I get to the other side of the year all right. So I’m gonna leave my hair like this what, I did to secure the little rub twist, I just have rolled it underneath and just secured it with too many bobby pins underneath like behind the ear and then just left the rest of this hair laying down, I think this looks really cute very edgy very sexy and very appropriate for Valentine’s Day or date night this next hairstyle is one of Andres favorites the pull-through braid is super simple and the reason why it creates little hearts when you pull it apart.

So it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day your date will very much approve to start off I’m gonna create five ponytails and the back of my head all in one line before, I do the pull through method I’m gonna take a little section of hair and wrap it around the clear elastic only the top section just. So you won’t be able to see it once, I do to pull through braid I’m going to take the top ponytail split it in half and then bring the ponytail right underneath it up above and through the middle and take a hair clip or something to secure it. So we don’t worry about it I’m going to take the split ponytail and combine it with a third ponytail take off the clear elastic and just put it into one big ponytail I’m gonna repeat the process I’m taking the top ponytail again split it in half and then bring the ponytail underneath it through the middle and put it away with a hair clip. So we don’t touch it and do the same thing take the split ponytail and bring it towards the bottom to that next ponytail and put it together and now comes the best part my favorite part is pulling apart those little pull through sections to create the beautiful little hearts or in my case the big hearts. Because, I did bigger sections to finish this entire look off I’m gonna take the very end of this little pull-through braid and I’m gonna kind of tuck it and roll it underneath take two or three mini bobby pins and just secure underneath everything just to give it a flawless finish and there we have it for this hairstyle, I think this is one of my favorite hairstyles, I wear to the gym, I wear to special events on occasions it’s just a good hairstyle it’s very versatile you can really dress it up by pulling everything back or you can leave some hair out and make it even more romantic this hairstyle is. So pretty and, I can see why, I drew really likes it it’s not hard it’s the heart thank you guys so much for reading let me know which hairstyle was your favorite and what other hair related posts you guys want to see in the future besides hairstyles thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time, I love you all very much bye.

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