How To Take Care Of Girl Baby


However despite everything in its favour, some women find the whole concept of breast feeding repulsive and ‹“animal-like'; their feelings should be respected. Other mothers do not have success even after a determined effort. A happy mother/child relationship is vitally important, and no woman should feel a failure or be tormented if she does not breast feed. You can give the bottle in the same close way, especially if you open your blouse and allow your baby to nestle her cheek against your skin.

If you are really determined to breast feed, you need good advice, encouragement and support, particularly from your husband.

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Some men resent the idea of a baby taking over their ‹“territory', but this is short-sighted since it is only a temporary loan and the dividends are high.

Equipment for breast feeding. Breast feeding requires no equipment except that supplied by nature. But there are a few extra items that you might want to use.

A breast feeding bra is useful. Breast pads prevent any leakage of milk coming through on your clothes. These are obtainable from supermarkets and chemists but can be expensive and many breast pads have a plastic lining which is unsuitable as the plastic holds the moisture against the skin and you could get very tender nipples as a result. So either make sure the bought pads do not have plastic linings or remove them. (See p. 21. )

Never put cotton wool or a tissue against your nipples as it can stick and hurt when you pull it off. You can even wedge a folded white tissue behind a piece of disposable one-way nappy liner to absorb moisture. The reason for using a one-way liner against your skin is that moisture will pass through it and leave your nipple dry.

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