Hello a new vocal bug we are headed someplace to take Instagram pictures.

If we decided this would be the best group learning fruit physically taking it sunglasses out as, I was saying before, I was rudely interrupted we are headed to take into perfect trees and we decided to share with you guys our best secrets on how to take the most fabulous pictures for your Instagram your mobile. So our first secret is location location location and what can, I say get prepared to drive at least 2 to 3 hours otherwise it’s just not worth it and we only drove about 5 minutes away from where we live and let me just quickly show you guys the surroundings of what we’re looking for first element finds any type of door a thousand mysterious right what am, I doing where is that door come from why am, I standing behind the door all the questions everyone will ask therefore you’ll get millions of likes on this code movie not second element that we look for is any type of dumpster you can find scanned in it get in it lay on it whatever it is it’s a great great piece of art we have found a gold mine a dumpster that is filled with art do you see what, I mean so much art is going into the dumpsters why let it go to please element number three it’s fine any crazy wall that will do the job for you you don’t want to put that much effort into this. Because why just don’t forget when you do place really pretty walk behind you make sure you put them as the focal point not yourself. Because we all know myself I’m not that special as the wall behind me secret number two is perspective of the shots. So for example for me. Because I’m super sure, I want to look bigger and, I want to look taller. So this is what we do another great perspective is obviously your own personal shadow, I mean amazing right.


So secret number three is of course any type of prop it could be your bag it could be your phone like talk on it pretend you’re talking on it. So you seem like you’re important right or. If you find a chair by the dumpster, I mean obviously you to take advantage of it you can spin on it you can sit on it you can twirl it, I mean take advantage of it right now this is going to make one shot amazeballs next secret is all about your headshots there are three things you should do they’re very simple. But they make a crazy crazy drastic difference in your shot first element is the head post and you want to go only 36.7 four percent to the right second tips are your eyes you want to close them 57.4 five percent and last. But not least.

So your third tip is your mouth open it point seven zero five millimeters. So our next secret is how to make your pictures more personable and this is the only network it’s been proven with a cup of joe let me just show you the facts let me just prove it to you right now guys like, I said with the coffee how makes everything first of all proven follow my Instagram and you’ll see the picture of me drinking coffee and this person right you look. So personable exclamation point smiley face right there our next secret is all about hair is, I never have bad hair days when we go shooting. Because, I follow all my girl’s hair tutorials it’s Malibu to go on YouTube she is incredible make sure you go follow her show some love and tell her, I sent you she’s awesome, I plan to my next secret it’s all about being artistic in my Instagram photos. If you feel like you need a hug just hug anything in your surroundings a lamppost a tree somebody’s like it’ll do. So the next secret is all about lenses you guys know that lenses at least fifty to seventy-five pounds to you and your body. So we actually have a lens that we have heavily invested into it it’s called the slimmy lens where it literally takes off those fifty pounds off your body it’s amazing let me show you the before and after shot right here isn’t that impressive amazing it’s such a great investment.

If you guys want to slend the informations down below start your bids it starts at ten thousand you’re welcome this next secret is all about poses, I know there’s. So many poses out there. But there’s actually only two that you guys need to know they both start would be booties and bootay don’t even worry about your facial expressions. Because nobody will be looking at your face be honest did you even look at my face, I don’t think. So either and the last best secret is of course Photoshop all the pictures that you guys saw that’s not even what, I look like in real life I’m just a big old fat man hopefully you guys got the hint this is obviously a parody and how we take pictures for Instagram some of them actually work it looks like we had a lot of fun. But most importantly remember that a picture is simply a reflection of your created life stay beautiful, I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye.

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