How to Tame Frizzy Hair

Hi guys how are you excuse the frizzy crazy hair but today’s tutorial is actually on how to tame frizzy hair like mine this post has been requested by one of our commentrs and, I hope you enjoyed and I’m sure a lot of you ladies will be able to relate to this post because unfortunately a lot of us have frizzy hair especially in the summer.

So over the years. I’ve tried many many different hair serums you know de freezing serums or tamers and all kinds of creams that you know promise to take the frizz away and tame the hair but honestly, I haven’t found anything that actually works, I mean some of them do work a little bit but it doesn’t make a significant change. So, I don’t think there’s any point spending 30 40 dollars on a product that doesn’t actually do anything significant to your hair the only big difference that plays a role in taming frizzy hair, I found you know is having a great blow-dryer and I’ll talk to you about it today as well.

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So one of the most important things when taming your frizzy hair is having a good brush like a good styling brush and I’m using this ionic ceramic brush that, I got a winners for about $90, I think, I don’t remember exactly but you can get it pretty much anywhere at any hair salon or any beauty supply store they come in different shapes, I mean they come in the same shape but they come in different sizes. So there’s smaller ones that you can do bangs or there’s there they are these big ones that create more volume when your stuff you hear and, I want to share with you on my favorite blow-dryer, I call this the Ferrari blow dryer this is a El Kim blow dryer it’s um in Italian brand and this floor dry is the best blow dryer in the history of blow dryers I’m telling you. I’ve tried probably somewhere about 15 or 20 blow dryers and my whole life because, I found that it’s really hard for me to blow dry my hair like like pros do you know the hairstyle is doing the salon.

So every time, I come home and be like, I want to blow dry my hair just like that and, I get the same blow dryer that the stylist have and it would just it would just never work for me, I would still end up with frizzy unruly hair you know at the end of the blow-dryer wasting an hour to do it you know. So last time, I was at my hair stylist and you know usually whenever the stylists the hair stylist do my hair, I can still see them struggling to blow-dry my hair because it’s that unruly but um last time my hairstylist was doing my hair, I could see how effortlessly she was doing it and, I was like oh my god, I have to find out the name of this blow dryer and, I asked her and she told me that um she got it at a hair show and you can’t get it in Canada. So as soon as, I got home, I obviously went to google it and, I found this blow dryer at Beauty Choice calm and, I got her right away and it got here to Toronto in about a week and honestly um, I bought it for even a cheaper price that she got it.

So it was an amazing deal and I’m in love with this blow dryer, I love it it just like it rocks my world these days it leaves me with straight smooth hair and it’s. So much easier to blow-dry it like, I don’t have to huff and puff when I’m doing my hair it’s just it’s just. So effortless and I’ll show you today but again like just having the blow dryer my not sometimes be enough.

So make sure you have a good brush and a good blow dryer and if you do have these too, I don’t think you need any here the freezing serum that costs 40 48 $50 you know just forget about all that stuff good blow dry good brush and a heat protectant is all is all you’re really just gonna spray some heat protection on my hair, I love this Tresemme heat protectant it makes your hair really soft I’m gonna put a generous amount if you’re protecting on my ends and just all over -, I also want to apologize for my roots um they’re really coming out and I’m not coloring my hair because for the first time in 10 years, I want to grow my natural hair color. I’ve done. So much damage to my hair over the years that, I feel really bad and, I really want to grow it out and see what my natural hair looks like.

So, I have to wait till it grows out about 4 or 5 inches. So, I can color it it’s gonna be hard to wait but I’m gonna try I’m gonna do my best. So, I just wanted to apologize for the terrible roots, I just have to ignore them for now okay.

So let’s begin our tutorial. So I’m just going to section my hair and you know section the bottom and clip the top and you know, I usually start with my left side but whatever works for you you as you can see it’s perfectly straight there’s no frizz it just took me a couple times to do it and I’m a perfectionist when, I do my hair. So it’s just it’s, I love it.

So let’s do the rest. So that’s it I’m done blow-drying my hair and it took me less than twenty minutes normally it would take me about an hour to blow-dry my hair and it the results wouldn’t even be like this kind of silky smooth volume as hair you know usually it still be kind of frizzy. So, I would have to flat iron over that here but with this blow dryer all, I have to do is just blow-dry it and that’s it and I’m ready to go.

So if you’re struggling with frizzy hair all you need is a good blow dryer don’t waste your money on unnecessary products that don’t do what they promised to you know just get a good blow dryer a good ceramic ionic brush you know, I didn’t really explain why this brush is so great you know when you’re blow-drying your hair um it really heats up. So in a way it’s kind of like blow drying and straining your hair at the same time.

So you don’t have to double damage your hair. So this is it don’t forget to rate this post do check out the blow dryer you know it’s it is amazing it’s it’s my favorite. I’m So excited about it.

So that’s it, I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial, I hope this really helps you fight your frizzy hair and please do share if you have some of your own tips on how you you know fight your frizzy hair please do let me know and thank you. So much for reading stay tuned for more posts and I’ll see you guys soon bye.

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