Not everyone’s school uniform included a tie. Nevertheless, at some stage you might need to know how to tie one for work, a formal occasion or even for fancy dress!

If you want to be taken seriously, there’ll be no lazy pulling-over-your-head-in-one-piece stuff. Start from scratch every time for a knot that sits well and tie ends that stay in place.

1 Turn up your collar. Put the tie round your neck with the left side much shorter than the right.

2 Hold the left side in one hand and with the other, wrap the long side round the short.

3 Repeat step 2.

4 Tuck the rest of the long side under and feed it up through the back of the ‘V’ shape.

5 Feed the long end down and into the front loop of the knot. Smooth out any bunching of the sides immediately under the knot.

6 Hold onto the short end with one hand and hold the knot with the other hand to tighten and adjust it until it sits snugly under where the wings of your collar meet. Turn your collar down. Tidy the short end of your tie away from sight behind the long end.

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