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Hey guys I want to share with you a really beautiful hairstyle that is not only simple to do but for once it’s really quick, and it’s this gorgeous top detail ponytail looks intricate right but it is so simple to do especially if you’re someone that has a hard time doing your own hair then this is a hairstyle for you for this tutorial all you need are about five of these clear elastics trust me. I just like them just as much as you but if you have someone at home that you trust just have them trim them out of your hair really carefully trust me it’ll save you.

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So many strands party off is normal and the easiest way to do the first section is to put your finger right at the back of your part draw a line straight down and then you want to pick up all the hair above your ear just leaving down a little bit just to cover it for now and now we’re going to repeat the same thing on the other side. So this will be our first section and, I’m just going to tie it off right where my neck meets my head now to create the Topsy tail grab each side of the section with your index finger and thumb and you want to flip the ponytail up and over pulling it all the way through this is what creates those twists that we’re looking for tighten the ponytail and gently tug on the twists by using your index finger and thumb to pinch the hair while anchoring it with your other hands this will just help create a Messier and more voluminous look once you’re happy with it it should look similar to this our next section will be about an ancient size grabbing all the hair from behind our ears making sure to leave the hair on the back of your head out we’re just grabbing the size simply tie it off below our previous ponytail create that Topsy tail by flipping the hair up and over and pulling it through tighten the ponytail and then just like our previous section you want to gently tug and pinch the twist my third section same thing. So you want to grab one inch size two sections from the sides leaving the hair in the center down secure with an elastic and create that Topsy tail remembering to gently pull it apart to give it a more voluminous look feel free to do as many sections of do like but. I opted to only do one more. So it’s more of a ponytail versus a full braid once you’ve done some touch-ups and you’re happy with the braid. I just like to pull some small pieces at the back of my head just to create some more volume and detail. I love the way that this looks straight but.

I think it looks particularly amazing when you add some ways to it. So, I’m just going in with my 32 millimeter one from nume and, I’m not being too precise with this and just adding different sized curls all over. So there we have you guys. I absolutely love this top to tail ponytail. I just think it is so beautiful and, I love that it is so easy to do the stairs always great like. I think you could really dress it up for a dinner party or you could wear it really casual with your favorite t-shirt. I think it’s a really versatile hairstyle.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial if you did, I’m going to a thumbs up comment down below let me know what you guys want to see. I love hearing your feedback oh and if you recreate this look don’t forget to share with me on Instagram. I love seeing your recreations thank you guys. So much for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post bye I.

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