How to Trim Your Side Bangs

I posted my how to trim your bangs post last week, and you guys were really interested in seeing a side bangs post. So today we’re going to talk about side bangs now side bangs are in some ways a lot easier, and in some ways a lot more complex than normal bangs um they can be a lot easier to cut they don’t have to be as precise however there are millions in five different ways to do it. So there’s not like one standard way. So, I’ll going to give you guys like the basic cookie cutter way to cut side bangs but do keep an eye on your stylist whenever she is cutting your bangs he or she is cutting your side bangs, and make sure that it’s at least similar to what, I’ll telling you to do today, I’ll just to make sure that you are recreating what they did accurately. So the biggest thing with side bangs is creating that angle. So you really want to have that angle that hits wherever you want it whether it’s up here at your eyebrows or here at your cheekbone or even just here at your jaw line, and you do that depending on where your stylist normally places your side bangs side things are even more important to get done at the stylist than normal bangs. Because side bangs really depend on your hair type, and it really depends on your face shape as to where they should hit and. So you need a professional that’s telling you that, and you know deciding that for you okay if you have to touch it up to yourself but just generally you should let a stylist decide where it should be fourth you know the first time. So once you already have that, and it’s grown out a little but you just want to ascertain where you’re going to be placing that on your face, and then to create that angle the most foolproof way to do it is section out where your side bangs are, and that can be different on everybody.

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So just pull out those little short pieces that make your side bangs you probably have a little part right up here. So what you’re going to be doing is bringing the hair around. So that it is perpendicular to the part there’s a lot of math involved in haircutting by the way by doing this you’re creating that angle cut. Because when you bring it back over here the is the shortest little layer, and then the is going to be the longest layer you can see how the is like backing up as cut if. I were to cut it, and let it down it would be about this long where’s the shortest ones are about this long. So it’s a nice easy way to create that angle without having to try to freehand it cut free-handing that angle is scary you want to make sure that your fingers are aligned with your part, and you’re going to cut along the line that your finger creates, and that is what helps to create that angle now you want to make sure that you’re looking at this hair, and if this hair is not in line with your fingers then you don’t want to cut it in line with your fingers. Because it’s going to create a different shape, and a different angle than what your hairstylist did. So let’s say that it makes more of an angle. Because sometimes hairstylist will do that. So that it’s a more kind of subtle angle like this than a drastic angle like this what you want to do is to pull your fingers out until they’re in line with where your former hair was cut. So if you pull it over like this, and your ends look like this you just want to line your fingers up to that, and then to check on your lengthen to make sure that you’re not going to make it too short you just bring it back over to this side, and this here under here if you cut right underneath your finger is going to be the shortest hair.

So you just want to make sure before you start cutting that you bring it over, and you’re like okay yeah that’s not where. I want it, and once you make sure that your fingers are in line with to cut our enemy by your stylist before you’re going to go ahead, and use a point cutting motion like this to go ahead, and cut the hair that’s going to create a less blunt look, and it usually helps the hair to kind of fall over, and to lay a little bit more naturally. So then you just let go, and see how they fall is they fall in a way that you like if they’re the right length then you just leave them, and they’re all done if they’re a little bit too long still you can pull them back over, and trim them accordingly a lot of times when a person has a side being on one side they also have a little like mini side being on the other side. So you’re going to want to repeat the same thing on the other side but you’re just going to comb that little section over until it’s perpendicular with the part make sure that your fingers are in line with the guy that’s already cut by your stylist, and then just cut into it, and let it go, and you should be all done traditional tips make sure that your hair is dried, and styled as you get whenever you’re doing this. So if they’re really wet then what’s going to happen is when you dry them usually they’ll kind of jump up a little bit. Because your hair just kind of shrink up a little bit when it dries, and that could end up being too short which would not look good also if they’re dirty it might cause you again to cut them a little bit too short. Because it’s going to be kind of like drums down by all the oils, and stuff in your hair, and is if it’s not styled the way that you want it you might be unhappy with the way that it looks but just. Because it’s not styled.

So just make sure that it’s dry, and styled according to the way that you like it, and then cut it that will get you a more accurate picture of what you’re doing with your bangs then if you do it any other way my next step is definitely cut it longer than you think you need to go a little bit longer by at least half an inch, and then just let it fall, and see where it hits you that way if it ends up being a little bit off you have some room to work with if you cut it to right where you think it needs to be, and right where you think it needs to be is too short then you’re kind of stuck. So go ahead, and give yourself a little bit of extra room to work with, and that can definitely ensure that you have a better experience at the end of the day tip. I hope it doesn’t ever come to this but if you make a mistake go into the salon, and let your stylist fix it. Because there are tips, and tricks that the stylists know that. I just don’t even have time to tell you all about. And I can really help you but you definitely want to make sure that you’re letting a salon professional fix that rather than trying to fix it yourself. Because you don’t know all those things you have a min trained and. So if you make a mistake go in, and let your stylist fix it my final tip is definitely when you can go into your stylist, and let them trim your bangs for you a lot of stylists either do it for free or just a couple dollars. So it’s really not going to be a lot of your pocket to do that, and you know that you’re going to get those bangs that you love every single time now if you don’t have the money to do that or you live really far away from your stylist or whatever you absolutely have to do it at home these are the tips, and tricks that will help you nevertheless. I hope this helps those of you guys who need to trim your bangs at home. I hope this made it a little bit easier for you. And I will see you guys in my next post buh-bye you.

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