How to Triple Braid Hair Tutorial

Hey guys So excited to be here today because i recently colored my hair and now it matches the dark brown set or flexing your extensions perfectly. So now i get to create all these cool hairstyle with long your hair and today actually i’m going to be showing you how to create this really cool funky mixed braids hairstyle that’s going to start off with a french braid at the top and it’s going to move down to a fishtail braid and we’re going to end off with a regular three strand braid.

So if you want to see what it’s going to look like then keep on reading okay. So since i decided to have my braid on the left side i’m going to start working with the right side of my hair i’m taking a small section of my hair and twisting it around my finger away from my face and I’m taking a new piece and twisting it in the same direction. So now every time, I pick up a new piece I’m going to combine it with a section that I’m already holding in my finger basically what I’m doing here is just twisting two sections of hair but adding in a bit more hair with each twist this technique makes this twisty part a bit more secure and most importantly it helps me hide the shorter layers of my hair which is always an added bonus keep twisting the two sections of the hair throughout the back until you come closer to the left side of your neck take a little elastic band and secure this twisted section for now and after this part you’re finished with the right side of your hair next I’m going to brush my hair and my luck sees before, I start braiding just to make sure that there aren’t any knots or tangles because we can all agree that those are no bueno.

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So I’m starting by taking a small section at the top and I’m going to brush it again just for good measure. So that, I can begin to do my French braid a French braid is basically a simple three strand braid but you’re going to add small sections of hair as you go down if you’re not sure how to do a French braid we’ve linked a tutorial in the description box below. So check it out okay guys, I know this may look complicated but, I promise you it’s.

So easy once you’ve gotten the technique down if you’ve never tried doing a French braid before just try it, I really think you’ll love it one more thing, I wanted to mention is that when, I was clipping in my ‘s, I made sure to clip in a few more weft on my left side than on my right because that’s where my braid is and it really really makes a difference having these extra West clipped in there because it just adds that extra length and volume and mousse and it really brings the Break game to a whole new level I’m going to continue to do the French braid until, I reach the part that, I tied with an elastic in the beginning and then I’m simply combining the two sections together and getting rid of the elastic if you’d like to keep the last tikkun then sure why not you can keep it there it’s totally up to you now I’ll fresh the hair one more time I’m going to start doing a fishtail braid I’m doing this sort of a reverse fishtail here just because my fingers seem to like this technique at the time but you can totally do a regular fishtail braid if that’s easier for you once you reach about halfway secure it with an elastic then I’m going in and just hiding any parts that are sticking out or being a little stubborn all those short layers you know and also thinning out the braid. So it looks bigger and chunkier lastly I’m finishing off with a regular three strand braid all the way down and tie it with an elastic I’m going to go ahead and also fan that braid out. So it’s more consistent with the top of the braid now this step is optional but recommended take scissors and carefully carefully cut that elastic to combine the two braids together just because, I think it looks prettier this way okay.

So now just take the curling wand and curl any pieces that are left out of the braid intentionally or by accident it’s really a great trick to note because that completes any hairstyle and makes it look a little bit more effortless and more romantic, I just love the way this looks and, I do it every single time and that’s it three braids combined into one this hairstyle is definitely a fun one to recreate and that’s it you guys that’s how, I get this wonderful effortless looking boho romantic kind of raid, I love this look, I love the little pieces that are kind of all over the place that’s kind of my go-to Harry Styles, I don’t like the perfect neat look I’m not gonna lie was a little bit complicated doing things in the bag just because I’m working with a little mirror like this. So if you want to make your life a lot a lot easier, I highly recommend to get one of those mirrors that you can attach to a wall, I don’t know what they’re called, I got it from Ikea you can go to Target or local store to find it it’s a tiny mirror that’s detachable to you all and you can literally turn it and then see everything that’s going on in the back of your head on the sides of your head trust me it’s going to be a real lifesaver for all you beauties out there let me know if you like this hairstyle down below in the comments if you have any questions I’m always here to help just send me a quick email to info at e here calm and I’ll be happy to hear from you thank you. So much for reading once again you guys have a wonderful day bye.

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