HOW TO Tutorial Review Of Pro Blo Curl Me

Hey guys I am so excited to share this post with you because, I’m going to be reviewing and testing a really cool hair tool you guys said you wanted to see more of these.

So, I’m hoping to turn this into a little series on my blog. So let me know what products or hair tools and you would like to see next.. So I had seen this hair tool all over social media and, I finally got my hands on it and what it is is it’s the pro blow curl me now if you don’t know what this is they are ceramic brush barrels with a detachable handle and then this product claims to transform your hair from limp and lifeless to big and bouncy okay. So this particular set it comes with a travel bag. I love when products come with a travel bag oh that I’d go anywhere but. I just appreciate packaging and then inside there are six ceramic barrels.

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So you have two large ones which are 55 millimeters to medium sized ones which are 45 millimeters and then you have two small ones which are 34 millimeters as well as you get six hair clips and these will just hold the barrels onto your hair and then of course it also comes with a handle and the handle is made of plastic because know how much. I love a good at-home blowout.. So I really wanted to try this product and see if it really works also love it it combines my two favorite hairstyles. I love the appearance of hot rollers and, I love the appearance of a good flow out. So let’s see what’s up. So, I’m going to be round brushing my hair.

I like to let my hair air dry to about 90% now. I know it looks dry already but trust me it’s not my roots are quite dim and as you can see the wave down here is wet as well. I just do this. So that. I don’t have to use as much heat. So it’s not as damaging on my hair if your hair it tends to dry a little bit more of a curly side I’d probably only let it air dry to about 60% before broad brushing it and before you go in a round brush your hair it’s important to ensure that it’s free of knots and tangles. So since my hair is wet.

I do like to go in with leave-in conditioner. I love the garden a five and one lightweight spray. I just focus this on the mid shafts of my hair or most of my tangles are and then. I like to go in with a wide tooth comb and just really gently come up those knots.. So I don’t cause any breakage since it comes with six barrels, I’m going to try to do two on this. I kind towards the back two on this side and then two on the top and the crown of my head.

So, I’m just going to go ahead and section my hair off just above my ears if, I’m working in sections when doing a blowouts on with cheesier. So, I’m going to begin with a 34 millimeter barrel this is the smallest of all the barrel just cuz. I want to try to achieve more of a curl on my lower layers and all you do is clip it into the handle its let’s push the button down as you push it in. So it should be pretty oh that’s pretty easy okay. So the first thing, I’m noticing as, I’m brushing through my hair is the bristles definitely aren’t as long as, I’m used to it’s probably something it doesn’t get tangled in your hair but. I think we should be okay. So what, I’m going to do just to kind of make it easier is separate this section into two I’ll probably work better that way.

So nothing fancy, I’m just gonna be blow-drying my hair straight, I’m going to place the brush in front of my section pointing the nozzle down the hair to close that cuticle and give me a nice straight smooth finish and then placing the brush behind the section and just repeating that until the hair is completely dry. I like to place my round brush nice and close to the root just to help create lift and volume and, I make sure that the root is completely dry or else it’ll get really frizzy throughout the day and once this section is dry, I’m just going to do one more pass over it to make sure all the hair is nice and warm before. I go ahead and roll it up alright here we go. So, I’m going to place it up at my roots and just brush down the entire section to ensure it’s nice and smooth and then, I’m going to begin rolling up to the root man this gives me flashbacks to my childhood and always getting a round brush stuck in my hair.. So I really doesn’t happen especially because on the website it did say like warning if you have really long hair don’t use this but, I’m doing this for you guys, I’m sure we’re gonna be okay easy enough any layers that follow just join them in but, I’m just going to roll it up as close to the root as possible. So far.

So good as good press the button in and it should release awesome alright then, I’m just going to take this clip and this should kind of hold it into place for us there we go. So first thoughts. So far. So good, I’m actually impressed. I didn’t think that this would hold that entire section but it did no problem, I’m really hoping that near the top. I will be able to get the Barrow closer to the root just to help add some more volume but we’ll see what happens when we get there. So let’s go ahead and do the rest.

So, I’m going to repeat the same steps on this side except this time, I’m going to go in with the 55 millimeter barrel it’s the largest one just to see if my hair wraps around it a little bit better. I did find that my hair roughed a little bit better on this barrel but. I found that my section was still too large. I just have. So much hair.. So I just split it into two but if you have shorter hair then this may not be an issue and then, I’m repeating the same steps as before just alternating placing my brush behind the section making sure to blow-dry straight down the hair and, I’m placing it in front of the section ensuring that there is tension just to help create a straight smooth finish alright.

So, I’m just placing the barrel behind my section while it’s still warm and, I’m going to brush it down to the end and rolling up towards the root if any pieces fall out don’t worry just incorporate them back in and then detach the handle and clip the barrels please. So my bottom layers are set and cooling.. So I just hope that these come out just as easy as they went in and, I’m going to go ahead and continue up the rest of my head and then for my side sections same thing, I’m just going to divide these into two. So it’s easier to work with and then, I’m just going to pull join my hair this same way alternating plaits my brush behind and in front of the section it just helps straighten the hair and ensure that it’s evenly dry and then don’t forget to place the round brush close to your root as well to help add some volume and to ensure that your roots completely dry and then this section is a lot bigger than the last one. So let’s see how this go alright and not too bad. I would definitely benefit from having more barrels just.

So that. I could get closer to the route and get some more lift up in here but it’s holding out pretty well. So far and for the top of my head. I decided to use the largest barrels the 55 millimeter just to help create the most body and, I decide to section off horizontal. So that the barrels could get nice and close to the route and hopefully give me a lot of volume and then, I’m really over directing the hair forward while blow-drying which will help add extra lift. So for these barrels. I place them on top of the section brushing down to the end and then rolling towards my head this is the direction that.

I Browne brush my hair and, I find that this way creates the most volume at the crown and that way my bangs will flow away from my face alright guys there we go add to lower my cherry. So you can see the top of it but. I have all of them up in the rollers and just going to spray a little bit of hairspray to lock it in and then, I’m probably going to leave these on for about 25 minutes alright guys moment of truth wish me luck he’s going to unclip it and slowly unroll it, I’m just going to give it a little bit of a pull okay okay not too shabby let me take up the rest and see what we’re working with. So that one came out much easier. So practice obviously pays off and look at that lift. I have right here. So very promising all those nervous uppers from previous round brush experiences actually found taking the debt to be quite easy.

I just removed the clip and slowly rolled the barrel down this section. I found that some of them did get a little caught but probably with practice it would get a lot easier and then. I just directed the curls with my fingers and let them sit the tub was particularly fun to remove because. I found these barrels created. So much volume and such a pretty wave in my hair and then once all the girls are removed. I just gently comb through it with my fingers and kind of put everything into place oh my god you guys this is more volume than. I could ever get in my hair this is what, I’m talking about this is what I’ve been waiting for what do you guys think, I’m obsessed look at this there’s.

So much volume and, I didn’t even add like any volumizing spray there’s no mousse in here no dry shampoo this is all from the problem and then look at the ends you guys super pretty and flipped out just like. I would expect from a blowout just good spray with a little bit more of hairspray just to kind of hold my bag in place baby hairs they never grow but. I am thrilled with the results you guys. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that’s already comfortable with a round brush and just looking to speed up the process. I think that these would be great to help your blow lasts even longer throughout the day, and it’s also perfect for those of you that have a hard time getting that curl at the bottom of your hair when you do blow-dry it and, I these would be particularly great if you had shoulder length hair they just give you. So much body and movement the only thing that. I would recommend is if you have a very long hair or a lot of hair is to possibly purchase more barrels.

I think it would make it a little bit easier yeah. I really hope that you did in joy this if you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up comment down below let me know what you guys thought. I love interacting with you and I’ll talk to you my next post you.

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