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I share with you my secret to how I achieved big full bouncy waves it’s winter time. So, I’m putting those messy beach waves to rest and, I’m bringing back the classic bombshell hair it’s done with one old-school tool hot rollers and not your grandma’s hot rollers these RT threes new of volumizing hot rollers luxe guys how chic are these they make it. So quick and easy to create the appearance of a blowout in a fraction of the time and effort and with way less damage to your hair. So let me show you how. So we’re going ahead and turn my hot rollers on to the hottest of the two heat settings and as you can see the little dots on the top have turned almost a white color and that way you know that they are ready to use.

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So starting off with a second day hair. I find tends to hold a curl a little bit better and you just want to make sure that your hair is free of any knots or tangles this will save you. So much frustration. So, I’m going to start off by grabbing a section right at the top of my crown don’t worry about being too precise with it but. I do find using a comb and definitely helped and you don’t want your section to be too much wider than the roller and, I like to use a comb just to smooth this section and over-direct the roots forward let me grab a extra-large roller don’t worry it’s not going to burn you but the sides do have nice cool grips to hold on to and, I’m going to place it on top of my section sliding it down to the ends just to make sure that they lay flat and then, I’m going to begin rolling it up to the group if any layer is to fall out while you’re rolling it don’t worry just grab them and roll em in the kit comes with these awesome creaseless clips and as you can see one size longer to the other those will help hold the roller right onto your head.. So I just went ahead and grab my next section just to the left of the crown of my head.

I can take another extra-large roller and, I’m going to place it underneath this section. So that it gives you that lift right there at the root and slide it all the way down to the ends because these rollers are made of velvet they really cling onto the end of the hair and they also give you a really smooth finish and then you just want to clip it into place and then, I’m just repeating the same thing on this side please my roller underneath my section and rolling it up my hair. I like to use the extra large rollers on the top of my head just to help create the volume and the lift at the root and then you’ll see in a little bit. I like to see large rollers at the bottom just to give you a more defined curl. So, I’m going to go ahead and leave my bangs for last because. I don’t want them to get too voluminous and curly. So what, I’m going to do is with all their mini hair is, I’m just going to separate it down the back and bring it forward, I’m then going to divide this section into two you don’t to be too precise with this and, I’m going to grab a large roller and this time, I’m going to put it on top of the section just.

So that these curls go away from my face and, I’m going to stop these ones out about chin heights and then repeating the exact same thing on that bottom section now that I’ve finished curling at the bottom and, I feel like. I have a neck brace on, I’m going to go ahead and move on to my bang. So, I’m taking my last extra-large ruler and, I’m just placing it on top of this section. So that curls go away from my face now that my whole head is rolled and, I feel. So glamorous you can actually feel them heating up feels really cool but. I like to leave them on for about 10 to 20 minutes depending how much time. I have and in case you lose track of time these little dots right here will turn black when the rollers have completely cooled it’s been about 20 minutes, and it’s now time for my affair part removing the rollers as you take the rollers out you just want to try to keep the shape of the curl as you’re pulling it out just.

So it can set extra long, I’m just going to go in and gently fluff out the curls and then obviously, I’m going to add in some sort of dry shampoo just to help add some extra volume and lock it in and then lastly a couple light sprays the hairspray just to lock in the end and then when you’re all done it comes with this awesome carrying case you can tuck everything away in two and then it just stores really nicely there you have you guys that’s how I achieved this big voluminous hair. I love that it gives me the effect of the blowout but with a quarter of the time and effort and a lot less damage actually do my hair like this the other day before. I went out Christmas shopping and a girl stopped me and one of the stores to tell me how much she loved my hair and it was such a surprise honestly amazed my day. I still smile thinking about it.. So I just want to share that story to encourage you guys next time you see a girl and you think to yourself like.

I love her shoes or maybe just got really good eyebrows. I don’t know. I encourage you to compliment her. I think sometimes we forget to do that, and it’s such a little thing that can go such a long way yeah. I really hope you guys like this tutorial you’ll have to let me know what you thought Jen V Lowe. I am hooked on hot rollers. I can’t get enough of them.

So, I’m really sorry for my hair looks just like this in the next 10 posts because. I love it but thank you guys. So much for reading and I’ll my next post .

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