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Hi, everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And as promised, I’m going to show you just a quick Pinterest tutorial this morning. Now, I’m not a Pinterest guru. So Pinterest has a help website, and you can obviously ask other people that are using Pinterest if you have more questions than I’m about to answer. I’m just going to give you the quick version. So when you go to, you can see it’s spelled P-i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t dot com. So it’s the word “pin” and “interest” mushed together. When you go to this website, you’re going to see a page similar to this. Now, if you’re already a Pinterest follower, you already know to just log in. And then on the search feature up here, you can type in Abby, M-i-n-d-y, Mrs. Hairdo which is my user name and you should be able to find me using that search feature and then follow my boards if you want to.

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Now, if you’re not a Pinterest user, you’re going to need to click on this button right here, which is request an invite. Or if you know somebody that’s currently a Pinterest user, then you can have them send you an invite. If you want to if you have nothing else then you can email me at and leave me your email address, and I’d be happy to invite you off my account. So once you request an invite, this is what you will see is in your Gmail account or your email account, you will get an email that says “To sign up for Pinterest, follow the link below.” And if you click on it, it will pull up a little page that says congratulations, you’ve been invited to join Pinterest. So it’s going to ask you to use your Facebook account to merge you with your friends that are already on Facebook. So read through the legal mumbo jumbo. And if you’re comfortable with it, click yes. Which, of course, I did. And what it does is it just shows you which of your friends are already using Pinterest and their boards, and allows you the opportunity to follow all of them as well as when you join, then they can be able to follow you. And you can see what each other are pinning. So it’s fun because you can see what your friends are pinning, and their interests and their likes and things like that. So once you’ve signed in and you’ve set up your account and just so you know, there is like, a four step process to setting up your account.

So it’ll ask you to create your boards and create your user name. It maybe takes five minutes total. It’s really easy. I’m just telling you so that you know when you sign up what you’re going to face. These are my boards. So now if you imagine giant cork boards, each one is an individual board, is what they call them. And I can go to any page anywhere on the internet. For instance, let’s say that as I’m browsing one day, I stumble across this picture, just on some random website. And I love this picture and I want to do this hairstyle. So one of the steps that you do in creating Pinterest is adding the Pin It button to your toolbar. So here’s my Pin It button on my toolbar. So simply I just click Pin It and it pulls up all the pictures on that page. And I want this one. And I click Pin This. And it will ask me which board I want to drop it into. So I want to drop it into my Try board, which means it’s the hairdos I want to try. So I’m going to click Try. And then you can describe your pin. So maybe I’d write, braided crown or whatever. And one really cool feature that I love about Pinterest is that let’s say you found a hairdo you thought I really would love to see or you really want me to try. You can type in an @ this is called an at mention. So you would type in my name. See, it’s pulling me up right here.

Abby Mrs. Hairdo. And you would click Pin It. And what that does is it sends me the picture and it tells me somebody has sent this picture to you and wants you to view it. So this is a really great way for you to send me things you’re finding that you would like me to try, or great hairdos that you just think I totally need to see. So then also, you can use this. Lots of people are always asking me questions like what are my interests, what are my hobbies. And this is a great way to find out more about me. You can see that I love holiday ideas and I love to throw parties. And so I’m always trying to glean ideas. I’m a room mom at my kids’ school, so I have a give section for little class favor ideas or teacher party ideas. And I love antiques, so I have a section for antiques. Anyway, it’s really fun. As I pin things, you’ll see them. Or as you pin things, your followers will see them as well. So I am sure that I’ve made this sound way more complicated than it really is. It’s really fun and I promise that within a couple days, you’ll probably be a complete junkie like I am and you will love Pinterest. So I hope you have fun. And don’t forget, my user name is Abby Mrs. Hairdo, and you’re welcome to find me, send me pictures, follow me, whatever you want. And you can email me, again, if you need an invite.

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