HOW TO Voluminous Curly Hair Tutorial

So today I want to share with you these super crazy curls you always do tutorials for bTW late romantic curls fellow hell bass well what about super voluminous curly hair. I think it’s going to be a huge trend this summer and, I think that it’s absolutely stunning today I’ll be using my 19 millimeter one from my newly tighten 3 set and adjusting the temperature to 100 degrees we also want to clip ready to a section of your hair and you’ll want to prep your hair with a heat protectant like this cult classic from Tresemme, I’m going to begin by sectioning my hair off right below my ears and pinning the rest away and then divide this bottom section into two and just bring it forward the wand is always a madama at hand and, I’m going to be pointing it down, I’m going to be curling all of my hair away from my face.

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So what. I like to do is start about two inches down the root and then you want to wrap it around the base of the barrel and then what. I like to do is twirl the wand to get it nice and close to my scalp being careful not to burn it and then continue wrapping your hair all the way down you can hold it just for about a second there and let it go now. I have the perfect little curl, I’m going to repeat this about five to six times per section now. I know this process might look lengthy, and it’s because it is so what, I’m going to do is set a timer just. So we can see how long it actually takes. So now that my bottom section is curled, I’m going to transform them by turning my hand into a claw and what, I’m going to do is just gently brush out these curls.

So what we’re trying to achieve here is keeping that integrity of the curl you just want to pull it apart a little bit to add some volume but not too much that you’re creating frizz, I’m moving up ahead in small sections and just repeating those same steps remembering to place them on about two inches from your head and then twist the wand towards your scalp to really get in close and give your hair that lift at the root you also after each section remember to quiet those curls this is my favorite part and, I know it’ll be your favorite part too be sure to wrap the ends of your hair around the wand as best as possible even if you have to go in afterwards it’s no problem but it’s going in sharing the most natural-looking curls you don’t want to look like. I did back in elementary school in the 90s when my mom would braid my whole head securing that ends a clean boil of beads and then take it out in the morning and brush it a very small parting which is. I have that photo inserts. I could show you guys another tip to achieve natural-looking curls is translate your hair flat of a barrel but even more twisted to give it the best results. So really don’t think too hard when you’re doing this. So now, I’m done curling it, I’m going to go in and finish up any touch-ups that. I might have there you have you guys that is the final look.

I absolutely love it it only took me an hour and, I have to do. I can’t even believe it took that long good Pat. So let me know what you thought in the comments down below. I know it’s a little different than what you used to seeing but. I absolutely love it and, I encourage you guys to try something new and different with your hair if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and also let me know if you’re anything like me like maybe you have straight hair and you wish you had curly hair kind of like. I do I’d love to hear it thanks guys. So much for reading and, I will see you in my next post bye.

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