HOW TO Voluminous Pony-Tail Perfect Holiday Hair

Hey welcome back to my blog today, I’m gonna share with you this really simple stunning textured voluminous of ponytails. I think this hairstyle is so perfect for the holiday season. I can already envision myself outside skating wearing like a big knitted sweater chunky scarf and this hairstyle. I just think that it’s going to be perfect we have to want to know how easy it is to achieve then please keep reading the key features of this hairstyle is that messy textured looks to enter off with either waved hair or Dale curls or just sleep on them and will give you that perfect texture then you’ll need a teaching tool, I’m just going to use this comb you’ll need a hair elastic for the ponytail and of course a handful of bobby pins try to have at least 3. So first things first you just want to put all your hair behind your shoulders.

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So we can begin creating our tease free oops to do this loosely gather the hair that’s at the crown of your head making sure to leave down the sides the front and the bottom trying to make this section too large or also be really difficult to secure once I’ve created this section of the crown I’ll hold it securely with one hand and then with the other begin gently pulling on different sized sections to help create some volume. I like to use my index finger and the thumb and just gently pull on the top to form that poof the don’t pose too much because it will come back to this in a little bit you want to secure this section right above the nape of your neck. I like to come in a horizontally from the right with my bobby pin sliding it across the bottom of this section and then flipping it over and pinning it to my head and, I like to take one more bobby pin just to be safe and create an X under this section. If I this method works the best from a hair tight but you just want to make sure that it’s pinned tightly however you can do it now that it’s super secure, I’m just going to go in again and gently pull in some small pieces to help create even more lift and as, I’m doing this. I like to envision a bubble just to help give it a nice rounded shape. I really love how it creates that lift at the crown. I feel like it just gives it up the interior finished without having to tease your hair to create the two twists in this hairstyle, I’m going to start on the left and, I’m going to section off all the hair from the back of my ear forward and then, I’m going to repeat the same thing on the right side as you can see.

I did do a side part but this works beautifully on a center part as well now you should have two front sections and you just want to make sure that they’re out of the way for now the easy parts you’ll want to create a pony right below the bobby pins where we pinned our poop. So should sit right above the nape of your neck you want a low pony but not to love. If you want to go for a more textured look go ahead and start teasing different sections of the pony tail. I like to start at the top give it a little tease right at the base and then work my way down. I repeat this until, I’m happy with the size and volume and texture and then. I like to give the edge of the pony and some gentle little teases like a little fluff just to give it that extra lift now for the size just grab that left section and be sure to pull out any hairs to frame your face and then give it a couple twists and just pull it over the top of the ponytail then. I like to go in with my index finger and thumb and you guys know you just want to gently pull on the twist to give us that thicker appearance then you want to secure the section into place on the right side of the ponytail and, I like to just push the bobby pins through the elastic into the ponytail.

I find it more secure then grab a section on the right and give it a couple good twists making sure that the twists show not only on the side also the back of your head lay it over your ponytail and then gently pull small pieces to give it that thicker textured appearance and then pin it to the left side of the ponytail. So that your sections are across once it all feels nice and secure. I like to double check it as just a little bit and make sure that everything is in place. So there you have you guys that is how you achieve this super simple textured voluminous ponytail. I think this hairstyle is so perfect for the holidays. I can’t wait to wear it hopefully. I do get to ice skating.

So that. I can pair it with a big chunky scarf it’s gonna look. So great you guys will have to comment down below let me know what you thought let me know what your plans are for the holidays. I love talking to you guys are utilized you just at home work to do are you spending time with your family. I would love to but if you guys like this post don’t particular cells up share your recreations with me on social media don’t forget to check out my blog and I’ll put together my ice cream you.

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