How To Wash Clip-In Hair Extensions

In this post we’ll be will show you how to wash your clip in hair extensions step by step the tips you’ll learn from this post are applicable for any high quality and human hair extensions and for this demonstration I’m going to be using a set of clip ins luxy hair extensions before getting the extensions went be sure to brush your extensions thoroughly to get rid of any knots or tangles as usual and brushing any hair start from the bottom and work your way up slowly and gently and use either white goose comb or a soft bristle brush neatly place the wax on top of each other in a bundle the same way as when you first receive them this will just help to keep things neat and to prevent the extensions from getting tangles with the clips great. So now I’m going to fill up the sink with some lukewarm water you don’t want it to be too cold or too hot and, I will squirt some shampoo into the water directly remember since the extensions don’t get as oily as your own hair because we hair isn’t actually attached to your scalp you don’t actually need to use that much shampoo just enough to wash out the possible product buildup in the hair we recommend to use hair products that are alcohol-free and sulfate free and that are specifically designed for color-treated hair or hair extensions okay now on to washing to save time you can definitely tie the whole thing with a hair tie and just wash everything at once but, I like to split the set into more manageable sections to really make sure that every web gets washed thoroughly and equally hold the tops with the left in your hand and start washing the extensions be sure to dunk them into the water pretty well and gently work the shampoo into the hair with your fingers remember you don’t want to tangle the hair.

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So use light and gentle strokes on the hair to wash it thoroughly once I’m done with this section I’m going to set it aside on a towel and do the exact same thing with the rest of the extension some people like to shampoo the extensions twice but unless there is a lot of hairspray no a lot of other products. So there’s a lot of filled up it’s not quite necessary and said it’s important to focus on the conditioning of the hair take a generous amount of conditioner or hair mask and apply on the extensions from top to bottom for this you can either use a regular conditioner you use on your hair or you can use any conditioning for deep hair treatment mask which is what I’m using in this post in order for extensions to remain soft shiny moisturized and manageable we highly recommend to use a conditioning treatment for at least an hour if you can leave it on overnight and that would be even better if you do that, I would recommend to put it in a shower cap and just close it up and that will really help to seal in the moisture in the hair and you will see how beautiful and how shiny your extensions will be the next day once that time has passed all we have to do is rinse out the conditioner really well we shake the rinse every single weft because if any product is left on the hair sometimes they can feel a little bit greasy the next day when it’s dry and that’s not what we want you can also feel free to take each waft and rinse it individually to be a hundred percent sure that all the product is washed out when you’re sure that all the conditioner is washed out in the last 10 seconds or. So turn on the cold water only and blast it on the hair extensions this helps to close like musicals of the hair in order to seal in the moisture and make the extensions more shiny method gently wring the water out and we’re ready for drawing we highly recommend to air dry the extensions in order to prolong their lifespan if you choose to use a blow dryer however be sure to use heat protectant spray first and set it to cool air to prevent damage to the hair great.

So I’m just going to lay out all of the left on a towel on a flat surface like a bed or even the floor if you want I’m just using this bench here if you want the extensions to dry without any frizz, I would recommend to use a small amount of hair oil on the hair while is still wet and that way you’ll be sure that they will dry not frizzy and very smooth the next step is to gently comb the extension normally we never recommend to brush wet hair because it’s more elastic and then it can break really easily but in this case because, I want the extensions to dry pretty straight I’m using a wide tooth comb to comb them gently from bottom to top this ensures that there aren’t any knots and tangles when they dry and you won’t really have to brush them that much once there guys using a heat protectant before every single time you file your extensions book feed will really help prolong their lifespans that’s it now you know how to wash your clips and e hair extensions you.

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