How to wear pigtail braids without looking silly

A while back. I got a request for kind of modern little prairie style braids where you have like little double braids. And I was really intrigued by that. And I actually decided to go ahead, and do a tutorial on my take on that. So basically what you see is that. I did this kind of it’s like a messy braid it’s really supposed to be much more messy than this but my hair will not get messy but if you can really put some surf product in your hair, and get it really volumizing, and then do this it will look even better but like a messy braid with little braids inside of it. I thought it was really cute younger than. I can wear. Because. I am a college graduate now and, I’ll not really supposed to be wearing stuff like this but you got high scholars out there. I think you can have a fun time rocking this especially to the beach or any just summer kind of parties. I think it’ll be a lot of fun. So I hope you guys like it’s ridiculously easy. And I think ridiculously cute.

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So that’s it, I’ll going to go ahead, and roll the tutorial begin by splitting your hair in half in the back, and that way you’re going to have either side for your braids you can part your hair however you want to, and then you’re going to choose two sections on each half to braid. I started with about an inch section. So the brain would be a little bit bigger, and braid it all the way down that, and then you choose another section, and for that. I chose a little bit smaller one just to add some dimension. I like to choose the sections from different parts of the half that way you have a chance to braid in different ways, and then you repeat that on the other side, and you see here, I’ll not bringing the same sections that. I did. I didn’t want it to be identical. I really wanted them to be asymmetrical, and kind of rough looking if you want it to be more symmetrical you can take identical sections on either side they definitely make sure to mix up the size of the braids, and that will help to add some dimension to the hairstyle as well then you’re going to braid each half, and incorporate the little braids that we adjusted, and with the three pieces of hair that you normally braid you can see me doing this here, and then you seal it off with a really small band next you’re going to pull the braids to the front.

So they can be easily seen you don’t want them to get hit in within the braid, and they’re going to loosen the braid up a lot you can see a big difference here from when. I just sealed it off to once, I’ve kind of fluffed it out a little this adds a lot to the hairstyle. Because if it’s too tight it’s just going to look Brigitte it’s not going to really look as playful, and fun you want it to be loose, and carefree. So this little fluffing step is kind of important, and additionally the is one part where it’s great to have some surf products in your hair. Because it’ll really bring out some kind of cotton eons it’ll make it a little bit more just lived in looking at a look a lot shooter that way. I think. So you can see here the is just buffing it out again, and then you can just mess up the top a little bit if you want to, and my friend was getting in my way. So I pin it out of the way one last tip is when you braid keep those little braids on top of the bigger braids it makes it a lot easier in the end.

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