How Would You Define Your Style?

JD: 1up. I love bringing out a jacket, cufflinks and pocket square for smart-mode, but am equally comfortable with some baggy chinos, a fresh tee and Converse All Stars. I guess my rule of thumb is to dress for the occasion, but then add a piece to take it just a shade higher.

AD: Multinational. I take elements of fashion from across the globe and throw it together.

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Be it Hong kong, New York, Jamaica or London, you'll see elements reflected in my style. The more I travel the more I'll add to my fashion palette.

What item of clothing in your wardrobe do you hold the highest regard for?

AD: Trainerspotter made us our own ‹“World Famous Dixon Brothers' varsity jackets, which are a two of two. These jackets are priceless and definitely my most cherished item.

JD: I completely agree – those TS pieces are super special.

What's the most embarrassing thing you will admit to wearing?

JD: All too recently I rocked the curved peak baseball cap in a valiant attempt to bring it back! It didn't work and AD nearly died laughing.

AD: Two different coloured Timberland boots. It worked the first time, but on the second I had to go home and change before going into the club after getting laughed at in the queue.

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