Huda Beauty Natasha Denona ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes TESTED

Hey guys! Its Mi-Anne and this is Beauty With Mi. Today Im super excited because were going to be playing with three brand new palettes that I have been using a little bit this week but havent really taken a full dive into yet. I am by no means a professional makeup artist but I really like playing with new colors. But before we get started, have you guys seen my show yet? If not, please click down here and comment to my blog so we can hang out every single Monday. Ill wait. Lets get started. All of these palettes recently launched within the last month or so and they all have a really similar color selection. And theyre very pink, very purple, and its really gorgeous.

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I am going to try each one out. Im going to do a look with each of them and hopefully if it turns out well, youll want to recreate. Im going to start with this palette by Huda Beauty. Its called the Desert Dusk Palette. Its made by Huda Kattan. Shes an amazing beauty entrepreneur and this palette is beautiful. Ive never seen a palette that has this kind of color selection in it before. It has this beautiful glitter shade, a bunch of heavier glitters, some shimmers, and a lot of matte shades. I swatched them for you so you guys can see all of the shades. They all sread really beautifully, they feel really nice. So Im a big fan of these peachy, warm colors. And I really like using them in the crease, just to deepen things up in a very subtle way. So I just wanted to put a little bit of shadow here, just as my transition shade before I get into any of the crazier colors. Im going to go and do it on the other eye now too. Now Im going to go in with this saffron color and Im going to put that in my outer corner to deepen it up a little bit. Im going to put this purple amethyst color all over my lid.

This is the Twilight Glitter. Im going to tap it onto my lid now, on top. Oh! Look how shiny that is. This is the final look. I have to say Im pretty pleased with it. So the only downside of this palette is the price tag. It is $65 which is definitely on the expensive side for an eyeshadow palette. Its definitely something I would recommend to someone who likes to play with color. If you like neutral palettes, youre probably not going to like this so you should definitely just save your money. Alright! Were going to move on to the next palette which means I have to take this eyeshadow off and start over again. Goodbye Huda. Next up is the Natasha Denona Lila Palette. I have been patiently awaiting this one. It launched earlier this month and it is the most expensive out of the bunch. It is..

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So opening it up it has this plastic post that tells you what each of the colors are. It also keeps it from getting all the colors everywhere so, smart. I think Im going to go with the pinky, purpley shades in this palette. Kind of similar to what I did with Huda but more smoky. This beautiful pink shade right here, all over the lid. There we go. And Im extending it out in a kind of winged-out shape. Now, Im going to blend the edges just a little bit with this taupe matte shade. Im going to go in with this violet indigo-ish color that Im very, very excited about. Im going to dip into it a little bit. And Im going to put this in my outer V. Im going to bring the same two colors the pink and the purple on my lower lash line. When youre wearing an eyeshadow thats so pink or red, if you dont wear a lot of mascara, you can kind of look like you have pink eye. So making sure you have a lot of black mascara on the top and bottom lashes will help. So look two, done. Final thoughts on this palette: I like it.

I think theyre beautiful but I will say, $130 is expensive, I think, for any makeup item. If youre a professional makeup artist, or if you just love collecting eyeshadow, I think this would be a great palette for you. If youre just a normal eyeshadow user like I am, you might not necessarily need it. On to the next one. Im going to take this off again. My eyes are going to be so raw after this but Im doing it for you guys. This is.. the She Palette. Girl power! And it is more subdued than the others but definitely still in the rosy pink and purple palette. So the first two looks I did were admittedly a little bit on the dramatic side. Oh! But I think this time Im going to do a little bit of a more subdued look. This dusty rose shade all over my lid. Im going to use this slightly lighter matte shade to blend out the pink I just put on my lid, just to make everything look a little bit more cohesive. And Im going to use this gorgeous glittery shade. And its a nice thing to put on your lid just to give it a little bit of extra oomph.

Im going to mix the pink shade and the pinky purple shade and put that under my lash line. Then instead of liner, Im going to use an angled brush and Im going to dip into this purple color and mix it with this pinky purple. Im going to use that as my liner. So honestly, for a day-to-day look, I would stop there and just put a lot of mascara on to define my eyes. So this is the final look. It is definitely simpler than the other two but its still kind of intense. Totally feel you if its not for you but I like it alot. Final thoughts: for $16 I think it’s is an amazing buy. Whats cool about it is it has the matte shades, it has the pinks, it has the purples, and it even has the glittery shade which I used all over my lid. It has that duochrome, shifty kind of shade that is similar to some of the Huda Palette shades. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. Playing with all of these eyeshadows today, I think I created some pretty cool looks, if I do say so myself. So let me know if you guys try any of these palettes and which of the looks you like the most in the comments below. And as always, thank you so much for reading and Ill see you next Monday. Bye! What do you want to see next on Beauty With Mi? Tell me in the comments below. And click on comment button to comment to my blog and click on comment button to read another post.


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