Hunchback In Children

Fixing bad stance depends on fashion reasons. There are many reasons for bad or good attitude. The most important of these elements is the child's bone structure. Some children, like the father from birth, should be rounded.

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Some children tend to have such a tendency to curve bones that no matter how much vitamin D they take, it is not possible that their bones are distorted.

Fashionable diseases such as bone tuberculosis, child palsy, rickets affect the bones. Chronic illnesses and constant fatigue can also cause the child to have a hunchback. Excess obesity can also result in backward tension, crooked legs and flat footing. In general, even if the neck is long, it causes the new grown young person to bow before his head.

We do not have a doctor to see if the child who is not good at posture is organic.
Many children remain hunchbacked by their insecurities. This can arise both from being criticized at home, unsuccessful at school, and loneliness. Children who are self-confident will manifest this with their sitting and standing. Parents would have been able to achieve much more successful results in this regard if they knew how closely their child's feelings were related to their stance.

Every parent who wants to keep his child properly will not see his hunchback:

Stand steadfastly!


Do not lean on what! There is not much to say until you leave. But it is very unlikely that a child who has adopted a hunch due to fashion psychological reasons will give up this feeling with such words. For me, the best result is always taken from the gym. If the child makes gymnastic movements to correct the posture at school or at a private institute, it is very likely that he will soon gain a good posture.

In such places, although the atmosphere is much more serious than at home, it is less annoying. Parents can help the child to repeat gymnastics movements at home, but only if the child is willing to do so. Their main duty is to ensure that the child is happy at home and at school.

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