Hunter Hayes

What’s the best fan gift you’ve ever received?

It’s hard to pick one! Someone adopted a penguin on my behalf, and my fans have tracked down rare records for my vinyl collection. My fans are the best!

Ever written a song as a gift? Yes, a few times. Quite a few times. We need more details! I don’t want to say any names! But every now and then I think it’s good to play something for my girl. On to New Year’s Eve.

Any epic midnight smooches? Maybe FOR A GUY What You Should Buy Hunter’s HOLIDAY MEMORIES Hunter Hayes to the rescue! The singer shares the secrets to (nally) getting the right gift for your dad, your boyfriend, and all the other boys in your life.

BY HEATHER VIGGIANI (YOURLOVES ) Will you please kiss and tell? I will say this: It was a very chill night and we were just hanging out by the fireplace, watching movies. Very different from the years that I’ve performed. And which do you prefer? Laid-back or party down? I like both! Maybe this year I’ll have to play a midnight set in one time zone and then travel quickly to another to have a relaxed countdown there.

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