I Tried Following A Khloe Kardashian Hair Tutorial

If you couldn’t already tell by the orange lip the tight sweater the name necklace we’re recreating a Khloe Kardashian hairstyle today. I saw recently that she put her kind of wet hair waves on her app. And I clicked through. Because. I was insanely curious, and it was by Justine Marian who. I loved as a hair stylist giving all the tips, and tricks, and steps to create this like wet hair wave. And I wanted to try it but not only did. I wanted to try it. I wanted to film it. So, I’ll basically going to go through the whole thing on camera, and you shall see the rises, and falls the pits, and triumphs that, I’ll getting real deep about this you’re going to see what happens it might be great it might be terrible we’re just going to find out. So the first step they recommend is to prep the hair with the way wave spray which, I’ve clearly used, and enjoy.

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I’ve not actually used it on my wet hair before, and blow-dried it. So we’ll see how this goes. So I guess, I’ll just going to spray through. I didn’t really say how much to use. So, I’ll just going to guesstimate, and then, and then they recommended a from round brush, and a GHD dryer which. I don’t have but. I have something better my Dyson. I love this thing. So much. So, I’ll going to use this to dry my hair. So, I’ll not totally sure what they’re doing with the round brush like if they’re trying to straighten if they’re just trying to get it dry. So, I’ll just going to try to get mine dry all right yeah. I feel that like C salty grip from the wave spray it’s doing its job my hair seems a little bit more lifted, and texturized. So I guess that’s what that first step was supposed to accomplish. So just seen Marian who made the tutorial recommends doing a s wave with your flat iron now. I have tried this a few times. And I had the same reaction to it that. I imagined some people have to my tutorials where, I’ll like going through and, I’ll just like is this how it’s supposed to look. I feel like this looks bad the is a lot of extra work. I think, I’ll done with it that is how, I’ve always felt about the S wave but for Chloe. I will try it oh there’s something else. I need first one second hair extensions it is not khloe kardashian hair style without some extra hair cut that girl like me loves big hair, and we’re going to go in sections. So the S wave you take your iron close it on the hair, and then you basically seesaw back, and forth. So you take it, and you turn your iron one direction slide for a little while turn it over go to the other direction turn it over this direction and. So on and. So forth the is just never really look that was better for me than it has in the past making progress already. I can tell you there have definitely been times where, I’ve tried this. And I look down and, I’ll like did it even do anything.

So progress that’s good let’s try it again this technique it just uh feels like it takes more time than it’s worth, I’ll just going to be a little grouchy about it just going to be honest little grouchy hypothetically if you are feeling similarly grout you to me about doing this technique you really could do pretty much any wave, and then go on to the products that she uses to create like the wet textured look. So if the isn’t your wave of choice you could create your wave of choice, and then still use those products, I’ll just really going to go for the hair tutorial houses. I am starting to kind of like fall into the rhythm of it. I think that’s helping cut yeah at first when. I was doing this back, and forth. I was like oh my gosh my wrist hurts oh my gosh it’s. So much work, and now, I’ll like it feels like a seesaw like it’s a little bit relaxed me getting into it a little bit more feel like, I’ll doing a little dance actually something about this does feel a little Blake lightly to me. I can get on board with that anything part of it is the texture the is a very Blake Lively texture also good to know that. I can get that from the wave spray, and a blow-dryer. I think once we go in with the gels, and stuff that’s when we’re really going to see the Chloe come out of this style hey that one turned out pretty good it’s our Nikki butter at this now even though, I’ve never done this before it seems to me as a hair stylist that you want to get the waves the way that you want them now cut once you load your hair up with product not only is it not going to be great for your hair the outcome is going to be like crunchy crispy, and it’s just not going to be great if you try to recur lit. So you got to get it right now before you load it up. So now that the waves are in we need to start applying products, and the first round of products that was recommended are oils we have the Tresemme repair, and protect, and the Kerastase elixir all team so shes has to apply this first, and then apply this one liberally throughout the hair. I notice that’s how a lot of celebrity stylists get that wet hair look it’s not necessarily with crunchy gels it’s often with oils to get that faux moisture that doesn’t dry out probably gets them to mention that.

I’ve also never tried the wet hair trend, I’ve just gone out with wet hair it smells. So good though alright. So it’s had to sprits with this. I have now sprits, and then it says to go in liberally with the Kerastase elixir all team. So liberally it is did. I just do, I’ll talking that, I’ll noticing right now is that the oil is adding a ton of shine to the hair. Because previously it was very modified by the wave spray that we used before now there’s a ton of shine, and they really weren’t kidding about liberally that was like five squirts of oil just saw one side of my head, and it was about the right amount look even cooler. I look wetter that’s for sure, and now for the part we all knew was coming gel first you’re supposed to scrunch in the Tress gel throughout the hair. So product between your hands, and scrunch, and that’s bringing you back a little bit of that kind of like. I don’t know what to call it like hairy look where you can see a little bit more of the texture don’t hate that it’s starting to look like the hair. I don’t know. I guess. I didn’t think. I was going to get there. I wonder what celebrity hairstylist came up with this, and how scared they were about the outcome on their clients like you started doing this, and you’re like oh. I hope she likes it. I hope she likes it. I hope she likes it cut if not oh, and then we have the Fat Boy tough guy water wax which looks like this instead to take like a small amount look the is a really nice texture it’s kind of like if a hair gel met petroleum jelly maybe that’s not a nice texture, and you have taking a little bit on my fingers and, I’ll supposed to flip my head upside down, and scrunch this through the roots for lift, and definition which. I feel as though. I could definitely use everything down here looks pretty nice, and defined, and wet, and then up here it’s still a little dry looking hold on. I know what. I need wasn’t. I need my boots there we go that was what.

I was missing. So there’s our inspiration, and there’s how it turned out magically. I made my hair bigger than Chloe but trying it on me realize like. I could definitely wear this it looks pretty cool. I don’t know if. I will but. I do really enjoy like trying something out, and realizing that like. I don’t have to be a certain persona to wear it. I just have to be me. And I just have to like it that being said. I want to play around with the wet hair trend more especially like what hair braids. I think that could be really cool for me this particular hairstyle maybe not every day for me but. I do think it’s pretty cool. And I do think that if you’re feeling it you should give it a try hey can you hear me yet okay. So babe. I was testing out a celebrity hairstyle today from scratch. So, I’ll going to show you. And I want your reaction, and then. I want you to tell me what celebrity you think it is okay ready all right ready three two one oh girl yeah you know my van coming through. I am. So proud of you. So what do you think of the is the faux wet hair trend where my hair actually looks like it’s wet but it’s not socks translation all right well cool good job on guessing Khloe Kardashian alright baby thank you Pippen is also going through an array of emotions. I really like the wet hair trend. I really want to play around with it more. I think it’s pretty cool. I would definitely wear this out tonight just to like go out on the town, and try out my new hairdo, and um you know. I don’t think. I have any final thoughts on this. I would like to be able to go like yes, I’ll wear the sienar no, I’ll never wear this again but. I think for now. I think barked on a new journey, and we’re just going to see where it takes me. So that’s it for today’s post be sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed it, and subscribe, and hit that notification icon. So that you always see my new posts that’s it for today, I’ll see you in my next one bye.

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